Death of a blog

I’ve had this blog for about 21 months now and it has been amazing. I’ve improved so much from since I started and I have much more confidence to post about the things that really matter to me instead of trying to fit a niche.


Over the past few months I’ve been thinking about the kind of blog I want and the type of content I want to be creating. I guess you could say I’ve grown up a little since Snippets of this Life began and I feel like a whole new person in comparison to who I was when I started this blog in 2013. My original plan was to change the name of this blog and the type of content I was posting but then I realised that it wouldn’t feel right because  that would mean destroying what I’ve created over the past 21 months.

floral lmg header

I’ve decided to start afresh with a new blog called ‘Jimi Fuchsia’ and it is going to be me sharing outfits, advice and ideas on life. I’m a little bit terrified because I’ll be starting with a blank slate but it is exciting because it means I can start from scratch and create something beautiful which is the best feeling.


I won’t be deleting this blog, I’ll leave it floating in the blogosphere (just like my previous blog) but this is my last ever post here. I’ll be starting my new blog later on this month and I’m so excited but I am a little sad to be ending this one so I guess it’s bitter sweet.


Lastly, I want to thank you for your reading my blog and I’m happy you liked it.

A few weeks ago I wrote something about how hard it can be to  say goodbye, unfortunately I have no idea what became of that piece of paper. Luckily I haven’t completely forgotten it.

It ended with something about how hard it is to say the words goodbye, sometimes it’s so difficult that you just don’t say it at all. Instead you say ‘see you later’ with a heavy heart…




Old hobbies and bad habits

Yesterday I read a blog post on inthefrow about getting back into old hobbies. It reminded that I haven’t done anything textiles/sewing related for a long time and that I don’t spend enough time writing just for fun.



Sewing is something I’ve been doing from a young age. It began with me and my sister using fabric scraps to hand sew dolls clothes then when I was 9 I joined the sewing club at school where I first learnt to hand embroider. As I got older Textiles was always a subject I enjoyed and did best in at school.

Last year in January I got my very own sewing machine and I was so happy as I had wanted one for a very long time. Fast forward to present day and I haven’t used my machine since August. The feeling I get when I’m creating something is amazing and I miss it. I already have a few things I want to make or alter I just need to get to it.



I spend more time thinking about writing than I do actually writing. I was recently inspired to start writing fiction again as I haven’t done so since secondary school. It won’t be for my blog, it’ll be for me and for fun. In terms of blog posts I have an ever-growing list of 40+ ideas but I rarely get round to actually writing them out.


Procrastination is one of the reasons I haven’t been pursuing my interests as much I as could have been. I want to be good at the things I do but I constantly worry that I won’t be (it’s a vicious circle!) and sometimes it ends up seeming better to not bother than to try and feel disappointed.

I’ve felt like that with many things in life but it’s only now when I’ve done some reflection and become consciously aware of the habit, that I am able to realise it is something I have to work on.

I want to end this post with a quote from a book by Paul Arden:

“Aim beyond what you are capable of. Try things you are incapable of. Make your vision a reality.”

Jimi x

August updates #2


I wrote something a few days ago and at the time I thought it was good, but now I feel as though it doesn’t really depict what I wanted it to, so it needs some work. Also I had an idea to start writing a book, I’m not sure if I’ll actually do it though.

Being vegetarian is going really well but I have experienced a slight loss of appetite but maybe that’s just down to the fact that I’m eating food that’s more filling.

Moving on I’m taking this weekend to recharge and make some plans as I have quite a lot to sort out.

Lastly a quote on creativity.

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”


XO lmg

Writers March: Week 4

I can’t believe its the final week for this theme!

I want to start by saying ‘Thank you!’ to everyone who has supported Writers March by reading, liking, commenting and following. It honestly means so much to me.

I was kind of stuck for what to write for this weeks post, since its the finale I feel like it has to be AMAZING!

In the end I decided to share something old, that I wrote a few years ago, on the back of one of my notebooks. I decided to share this for the final week of Writers March because it sums up why I write.


“A book of words, rhymes, lyrics and quotes,

Expressed feelings and emotions.

Don’t hold it all inside,

Let it out and make it something beautiful.”

XO lmg



Life Snippets: March’s Theme

Writing has been a big part of my life. I’ve kept a journal for the past 7/8 years.

When life’s been difficult for me, I didn’t know who to talk to or when I felt like I had no-one my journal felt like the most important thing to me.

I went through a time in secondary school for a few years when I was very down and unhappy. I always felt like there was no one who would really understand.

At the time I thought I needed someone but instead I found solace in putting pen to paper. Writing was my outlet.

Being 17 now, its almost scary when I look back on the things I wrote remembering the way I used to feel.

Writers March

That is the theme for this month. Each week I’m going to write a piece and share it with you. It might be a poem, lyrics or just a story- sky’s the limit.

If you liked this post I hope you’ll be back next week for ‘Writers March: Week 1’.

XO lmg

More of the good stuff

Over the next week or so I will be making some changes to my blog.

These changes are due to the fact that I want to make my blog better and after reading a tonne of blogging advice online I’ve realised that their is much to be improved.

The main thing I want to change is the content. I want to post more about fashion, include more photo’s, improve my writing and plan things out more.

I’m really looking forward to transitioning my blog from ok —> AMAZING!!! (hopefully)

That’s it for now, until next time…


XO lmg

Daily Snippets: Searching for inspiration

That is how I spent my weekend.

Luckily for me I found it, I ended up doing lots of textiles work, tonnes of writing (including chorus lyrics) and a lil’ bit of blogging.

It felt amazing as I haven’t felt so free and limitless in terms of creativity in a while.

XO lmg