Feeling the blues, it goes on

Over the past week I’ve been feeling the blues. Up until yesterday I was extremely worried and stressed. It happens to me all the time so I’m used to it but it’s difficult sometimes.

I’ll often have a few consecutive days of stress and worry then suddenly I’ll have some sort of revelation whilst doing something I always do like listening to The Jezabels. It was once words from the song Beat to Beat:

“All of my things that I don’t want,

all of the things that I don’t need,

are weighing me down,

are weighing me down,

but it goes on”

Just hearing those lines changed my state of mind. I had been carrying a mental burden that was weighing me down by affecting me physically. Those words reminded me that it goes on, life is always changing. It’s impossible for me to avoid things that will get me down but more often than not these things aren’t as big a deal as they seem so I just have to keep going.

Yesterday I spent the day in Cardiff, it was only when I got home that I realised I’d forgotten all about my worries from the past week. Its surprising what a change of scenery can do to a persons state of mind.

Anyway I’m now feeling refreshed, energised and full of positivity.

On a lighter note, last week I reached 400 followers on the blog so “Thank you very much!”

I really appreciate all the support especially as I’m becoming a more confident blogger, it all feels great.

Hope your Sunday has been RAD!

Jimi x


I’m lmg!



Heyyy 🙂

I love sharing things about my life on my blog but the one thing I’ve never shared is my face. or my name. The reason for this is because I worried (way too much) about what people would think.

So, my name is Gemela (pronounced ja-meh-la) but you know me as lmg.


I am truly proud of my blog but I’m sometimes a little insecure.

Anyway a few weeks ago I turned 18 and I realised that I’ve come a long way since I first started blogging a couple years ago.

On my blog I’m completely honest but in real life I do hold back alot because I’m a worrier . I never want my anxieties and fears to be the reason I limit myself and as Charles Kingsley said/wrote:

“Life is too short for mean anxieties”


Also since I’ve had this blog for over 10 months, I thought perhaps I ought to show my face. I thought some of the regulars may have wondered what I look like.

Perhaps it could be said I made it into a bigger thing than it was. However I still want to thank all the people that have ever read my blog, it means so much to me that I can share snippetsofthislife (SotL) with you.

Wise words by Beryl Pfizer

If I spent as much time

doing the things I worry

about getting done

as I do worrying about them,

I wouldn’t have anything

to worry about.


This is an example of why I love quotes. I feel like this quote was made for me, I worry about everything all the time. I’m going to attempt to try out being a do-er rather then a worrier which will be difficult but it would make my life a tonne easier.

XO lmg

Daily Snippets: Ok I admit it…

I won’t deny that I’m a bit of a prude,

but don’t call me one as I’ll think it rather rude.

Certain things I will not say in public places,

for fear of the looks on strangers faces.

XO lmg


p.s: So when I call myself a prude I just mean in the sense that I don’t feel comfortable talking about things pertaining to sex or nudity in public places e.g. in class or on the bus.

I’m the kind of person that’s quite shy about it all and I do feel like its not very presentable, when your out in public and anyone can hear you.