Absolute comfort


Often when I’m heading out on a Saturday morning or afternoon, the thing I want from my outfit is absolute comfort.

In the case of this outfit it meant baggy jeans and a baggy cardigan with a grey crop top.


The crop top is from New Look, the cardigan from Tkmaxx and the jeans from Dorothy Perkins.


XO lmg


Weekend Comfort


Hello, so first up I want to apologise for not posting in a while. Although I have lots to share I wasn’t really in the blogging mood, so I decided to wait until I was and right now, I am!wpid-IMG_20140315_120452-1.jpg

I wore this outfit last week Saturday when I was out with my sister on the high street in the morning, doing a bit of shopping. The cardigan I am wearing is from Tkmaxx and it was actually my first time wearing it. I really like it as it’s the kind of thing you can just throw on over a tank top and jeans, which I did.



The outfit was really comfortable and the cardigan is kind of like a blanket and it kept me warm when it got a little breezy. The top I’m wearing adds a pop of colour and is easy to style in both warm and cold seasons.


XO lmg

Christmas: Its just not what it used to be

Its crazy that their are only 10 days left until Christmas and the weird thing is I’m really not excited, like at all.

I thought that as it got to the start of December I would be more excited and have that feeling of excitement and anticipation but nope…

I think it might be because I’ve grown up a lot since last Christmas and now I pretty much just see it as businesses being like ‘Oh lets use this traditional Christian celebration and overly commercialise it to make as much money as we can!’

Even over the past couple years I have felt like once all my presents are opened its just hanging out with my family which I don’t dislike but I do it all the time so it doesn’t feel particularly special.

When I was younger I loved celebrating Christmas: decorating the house and tree, eating mince pies, opening presents, Christmas shopping with my Mother, Christmas Dinner, Christmas movies (Home Alone every year) and of course the snow!

I’m hoping that as the Christmas day gets closer I’ll be more into it but who knows…

I’d love to know how you’re feeling about Christmas this year, let me know in the comments!

wpid-IMG_20131215_193010.jpgMy Christmas tree decorated with an assortment of decorations collected over many many years đŸ™‚


XO lmg



Daily Snippets: Searching for inspiration

That is how I spent my weekend.

Luckily for me I found it, I ended up doing lots of textiles work, tonnes of writing (including chorus lyrics) and a lil’ bit of blogging.

It felt amazing as I haven’t felt so free and limitless in terms of creativity in a while.

XO lmg

I’m off to do some shopping


I hope your weekend is going well, I’m off to do some shopping with my sister.

Over the past few days I haven’t had a lot of time to post much more than Daily Snippets as I’ve been pretty busy with my college work.

I have some snaps of what I’ve been up to lately which I haven’t gotten round to  posting yet (sorry).

I’ll try and do that soon so stay tuned,

Have a great Saturday!


XO lmg


Daily Snippets: Thank goodness for best friends (but also just friends in general)!

So my best friend and I have been friends for over 6 years. She is an amazing person and I can tell her everything and anything. I honestly hope we are friends until the end.

I also have lots of other friends that are totally SUPER!

To all my friends that put a smile on my face, make me laugh until my jaws hurt, or just make me giggle, the ones that keep me motivated and sane, the ones that share their food no matter how small it may be, the friends that listen to my stories of life, the friends I can talk to about all the guys (or just that one handsome guy in particular), the ones that support me and brighten up my day with their smile (even if its only for a little while) and then to all the rest that inspire me and my words.


And to you reading this post, thanks, enjoy your Friday night and your weekend!

XO lmg