August Updates #4


Heyyy so this is the last of my August updates. September will have a new theme which I haven’t yet decided but I will very soon.

I’ve been thinking about making cushion covers because I want to  get new cushions for my bed and since I can sew, I may as well just do it myself. I’m planning to  come up with a simple geometric design that I will create a reverse appliqué from then I will incorporate it into each cushion in a different way. Anyway whilst planning this out I had a brainwave that I could create a range of soft furnishings, at some point in my life.

Also at the top of the post you can see me wearing a dress which I have now cut because I honestly don’t think I’m capable of wearing long dresses or skirts. Its going to be a few inches above the knee and I’m also going to take it in at the sides to make it more fitted.

Lastly on the agenda of this weeks post is my vegetarian journey as it’s coming to an end. August has been a great month of meat-free-ness and even though I haven’t permanently converted I definitely think I could. I’m actually thinking of trying eating vegan for maybe a week or something as it is undoubtedly the crème de la crème of all the ways to eat.

Thanks for reading,


XO lmg