Daily Snippets: According to him


I can’t help but like him.

He’s cute, funny and friendly.

According to him I’m ‘sarcastic’ and ‘awkward’.

But his words were not uttered with cruel intent,

but with ‘those’ eyes ‘that’ smile, which had me in a trance.


XO lmg





Yesterdays thoughts at the bus stop

So this morning I missed the bus. There are many reasons that this unfortunate fate was bestowed upon me: I took ages deciding what to  wear, was slow doing my hair and I chose to wear make-up.

Or maybe I was under the impression that I couldn’t possibly miss the bus (what sort of cruel fate would allow it)!

Its little things like this that get me all annoyed and feeling not so happy. When my day starts badly it makes me feel like the rest of the day will follow and just get worse.

So there I was, standing at the bus stop inwardly complaining to myself  and then…

…I thought about me missing the bus in comparison to other actual terrible scenarios and I realised I was being a little bit silly about it.

XO lmg

Daily Snippets: A ‘Carpe Diem’ moment

Reverting back to old habits,

with a renewed frame of mind.

Basically yesterday was a good day for me, a very good day . I had a total ‘Carpe Diem’ moment and decided to do something I had been freaking out about. Turns out I was freaking out for nothing (as usual).

XO lmg