Basic tee

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I don’t really wear t-shirts that often, I much prefer a tank top or camisole. Anyway a while ago I bought a t-shirt from h&m, it was one of the basics so it only cost about £3.99.

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I was going shopping one day then whilst choosing what to wear I took out the tee and decided that in order to ensure I wore it I should begin with it. I kept the outfit nice and simple and wore jeans then added a patterned jacket.

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The jacket is also from h&m but it is really old, I’m pretty sure I got it t the beginning of 2013. I used to wear it all the time and I thought it was so cool but nowadays I don’t wear it as much. I think it has lost it’s charm with age.

So, I should totally go out and get myself a new statement jacket!


XO lmg