3 Things I recently bought


First up the little red bag. I got it on sale half  price, £3.50 from Peacocks. I got it for 2 reasons: it was cheap and it looked interesting. I can imagine it as a designer bag made from a red textured leather with the Fox head in real gold- that would be so beautiful.

wpid-IMG_20140221_153911-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140221_154304-1.jpg

Next, the baggy bat-winged cardigan from TKmaxx for £16.99. I’ve been looking for a long baggy cardigan for a while and when I saw this one my first thought was ‘I gotta get it’ and I did! I tried it with a belt around my waist as that’s like ‘my thing’ and I thought it looked pretty good. I look forward to wearing it in future outfit posts and showing you how I style it.

wpid-IMG_20140221_164442-1.jpgLastly, the over-sized top/mini dress. I got this top from h&m for £9.99 in a Large. I’m not a large in h&m clothes, I’m a small but I decided to  get this top 2 sizes bigger so it fits a little baggier but also so I can wear it as a dress. It is still pretty short though so I’ll probably wear it with leggings. I’ve just realised I’m wearing the small in the picture above (oops!), the Large is a few inches longer and is passable as a mini dress- I promise!

XO lmg



I’ve finally found “the one”

Today I am a very happy girl because today I got a new bag!

I’d been looking for a couple of weeks and I saw many that I liked but I didn’t want to make a purchase until I found “the one”.

I was in T-K-maxx searching for a new bag  I had almost given up hope thinking I would never find “the one” when I laid eyes on a bag just like the one below-except that mines is black.

I instantly checked the price and lucky for me it was only £19.99 and the brand is Bessie London.

I’m planning on using this bag for college, I start next week on Tuesday and I am a combination of nervous and excited.

XO lmg