Old hobbies and bad habits

Yesterday I read a blog post on inthefrow about getting back into old hobbies. It reminded that I haven’t done anything textiles/sewing related for a long time and that I don’t spend enough time writing just for fun.



Sewing is something I’ve been doing from a young age. It began with me and my sister using fabric scraps to hand sew dolls clothes then when I was 9 I joined the sewing club at school where I first learnt to hand embroider. As I got older Textiles was always a subject I enjoyed and did best in at school.

Last year in January I got my very own sewing machine and I was so happy as I had wanted one for a very long time. Fast forward to present day and I haven’t used my machine since August. The feeling I get when I’m creating something is amazing and I miss it. I already have a few things I want to make or alter I just need to get to it.



I spend more time thinking about writing than I do actually writing. I was recently inspired to start writing fiction again as I haven’t done so since secondary school. It won’t be for my blog, it’ll be for me and for fun. In terms of blog posts I have an ever-growing list of 40+ ideas but I rarely get round to actually writing them out.


Procrastination is one of the reasons I haven’t been pursuing my interests as much I as could have been. I want to be good at the things I do but I constantly worry that I won’t be (it’s a vicious circle!) and sometimes it ends up seeming better to not bother than to try and feel disappointed.

I’ve felt like that with many things in life but it’s only now when I’ve done some reflection and become consciously aware of the habit, that I am able to realise it is something I have to work on.

I want to end this post with a quote from a book by Paul Arden:

“Aim beyond what you are capable of. Try things you are incapable of. Make your vision a reality.”

Jimi x


Interior styling with Modani

Last month I was contacted by a member of the Modani furniture company regarding my interest in doing a blog post on them.

If you haven’t yet heard of them here is a little about them:

‘We are constantly embedded in the world of interior design to select the most trendy items, from the most renowned designers of the last 50 years to young artists’ new lifestyle concepts.’

‘In life, there’s the Trendsetters… and the followers. Have you ever wished your home looked like those modern mansions featured on TV, or one of those edgy hotel lobbies that catch your eye the minute you step a foot on their white marble tiles? Modani has made a goal to create lines of furniture that would be ultra modern, yet affordable to everyone.’

They wanted my take on styling a living room as a style/fashion blogger. It’s not my usual types of post but I thought it would be quite fun to do and it was.



I kept this pretty simple with the majority of it in black and silver, but chose the cushions for a pop of colour, against the black sofa, I also really like the pattern on it. I liked the structure of the vase and mirror and think that having a variety of textures whether in interiors or outfits is always a great idea.



My starting point for this look was grey-scale. I chose the grey corner sofa as a focal piece with it’s modern yet simplistic design. For accessories I chose a lamp with quite an unusual shape it looks more like a sculpture really but it works so well because everything else is so simple. I really liked these cushions because of the paisley pattern on them and I think grey on white is a good colour combo.



For this last look I started with the 2 patterned cushions in yellow and grey. The pattern on the cushions reminds me of the kind of thing I’d have done in textiles class and I think they looked perfect with the white sofa The rest of the pieces are in white and silver and I really like the way it all comes together. Its a very fresh and clean look which I like a lot, this is probably my favourite of the 3.

If you like any of these items or want to see more head to modani.com

Or check out the Modern sofa collection

Let me know which one is your favourite.


XO lmg

August Updates #4


Heyyy so this is the last of my August updates. September will have a new theme which I haven’t yet decided but I will very soon.

I’ve been thinking about making cushion covers because I want to  get new cushions for my bed and since I can sew, I may as well just do it myself. I’m planning to  come up with a simple geometric design that I will create a reverse appliqué from then I will incorporate it into each cushion in a different way. Anyway whilst planning this out I had a brainwave that I could create a range of soft furnishings, at some point in my life.

Also at the top of the post you can see me wearing a dress which I have now cut because I honestly don’t think I’m capable of wearing long dresses or skirts. Its going to be a few inches above the knee and I’m also going to take it in at the sides to make it more fitted.

Lastly on the agenda of this weeks post is my vegetarian journey as it’s coming to an end. August has been a great month of meat-free-ness and even though I haven’t permanently converted I definitely think I could. I’m actually thinking of trying eating vegan for maybe a week or something as it is undoubtedly the crème de la crème of all the ways to eat.

Thanks for reading,


XO lmg

August updates #3


I feel as though the past few days I’ve been struggling a little with blog posts. It can be hard blogging daily because I’m constantly having to come up with new things, all the time. I’ve still been posting but I haven’t felt as though I have much to say,which is unusual for me. Luckily today I’ve gotten my inspiration back so I’ve been able to start prepping some of next weeks posts. 

I haven’t done any sewing for while but I’m planning to do a reverse appliqué soon. I haven’t decided on the pattern yet but I’m thinking geometric, in neutral tones and one bold colour like fushia. Textiles is something I’ve always enjoyed since I was about 10 years old when I first learnt to hand embroider in primary school.

Lastly on the agenda is me being meat-free. I actually don’t miss eating meat and I thought I would but I’ve gained a much greater liking for vegetables. I only planned to experiment with being vegetarian for the month of august but I’m now considering keeping it up for longer.

Thanks for reading,


XO lmg



Daily Snippets: Searching for inspiration

That is how I spent my weekend.

Luckily for me I found it, I ended up doing lots of textiles work, tonnes of writing (including chorus lyrics) and a lil’ bit of blogging.

It felt amazing as I haven’t felt so free and limitless in terms of creativity in a while.

XO lmg

New beginnings

So as this is my first post on my new blog I thought I would let you know a little bit about me.

1. I’m currently studying my A-Levels and in just over 1 week I will be starting A2 my second and final year. I am very nervous.

2. I’m quite shy around people I’m not totally comfortable around but other wise I am really chatty.

3. I’m very friendly and love getting to know new people.

4. My favourite TV show is Degrassi, I started watching it about 3 or 4 years ago and I haven’t stopped since. It has definitely changed a lot over time but I still think its a great show with relate-able characters.

5. I recently read Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens. I truly love the book lots and lots, from reading it I think that Dickens is such a great writer. The characters in the book are so fascinating and the story evokes emotion. My favourite character would have to be Nicholas Nickleby, he’s the protagonist that will do anything to protect anyone he cares about.

6. I live in England and have done my whole life.

7. Music is a big part of who I am I listen to it daily. I don’t listen to the radio much because I listen to many musical genres: soul, hip-hop and indie-rock. Some people I like listening to are TLC, The Drifters, Smokey Robinson and FranKo.

8. I started my first journal/diary in December 2006 when I was 10. I still keep one to this day and I have 9 in total.

9. I’m a writer, not a famous one but a writer all the same. What I mean by that is that I love writing and have done ever since I was little. I have a book full of poems, lyrics and quotes, its probably one of my most prized possessions.

10. I think I’m quite a creative person and I’ve always loved art and textiles at school. I am currently doing A-level Textiles. For me it has always been about self expression and I love that you can create something amazing out of what can appear to be nothing.


So I hope you enjoyed reading this, feel free to like, comment and follow!

Hope your Sunday has been a great one,

XO lmg