Shows I’ve been watching lately

So I feel like lately my blogging hasn’t been at its best (SORRY!). I’ve been quite busy with college work and just life in general  really but I have also been watching some shows. I like watching shows when I just want to chill out or whilst I’m doing my textiles work. So below are all the shows I have been watching lately.

Tia and Tamera- season 3

Made in Chelsea- seasons 5+6

Home and Away

Degrassi- season 6

Peaky Blinders- season 1

Let me know in the comments what you have been watching lately and feel free to suggest any shows for me!

XO lmg


Dance Academy season 3: Finale

First of all I’m not a big fan of finalies, they always make me sad because it means that its the end. Its as if everything that has happened was all just leading up to the final moment.

Anyway back to dance academy, It was amazing and I cried!

I thought when I had finished the episode I would have been dissatisfied but I wasn’t .

I’m guessing you won’t have seen the show before so I’ll just let you know what this seasons been about.

Its about a group of Ballet students in their senior year at a prestigious ballet school, at the end of the year, 3 of them will be offered company contracts so their is a lot of competition. Also the 3rd series has included- eating disorders,coping with death, body image, rejection, sex and relationships.


The season 3 cast l-r: Ollie, Kat, Abigail, Christian, Tara, Ben and grace.


“I always knew in another life I could fly. So that’s why in this life I dance.”- Tara Webster

Heres a link to the season 3 trailer

Watch it and let me know what you think in the comments!


XO lmg

Snippets of the month: September

So today is the last day of September and I have to say it has gone by pretty quickly. It’s been quite a good month for me in terms of friends and college, to be honest life in general has been pretty great.


TGT- Please don’t go

The Supremes and The Temptations- The impossible dream

ACDC- Back in black

Pebbles ft Babyface- Love makes things happen

Chris Brown- I get around







Errr Nothings happening in this department (sadly). For pretty much the whole of last year though I was into this one guy I called charming (because he was). Anyway its a long story that I’ll just cut short, basically he was totally perfect but he wasn’t really interested in me (as more than a friend) and I was super nice and friendly with him (I couldn’t help it) because I was totally and utterly attracted to him. I think I kinda miss talking to him

Ok moving on as I am supposed to be forgetting him (easier said than done as it is impossible to avoid him at college). There are other guys around that are good looking but no one that I’m majorly interested in.


I went to my first ever fashion show which was free at the Bullring, Birmingham. It was presented by Molly King, and The Saturdays performed a few songs at the end (minus Frankie’s as she’s pregnant). It was an amazing event and I hope to attend more fashion shows in the future (maybe even fashion week, one day…).

I’ve gotten to know my friends friends better. That’s been great because they are really friendly (as am I) and fun and easy to talk to. When It comes to being around a group of guys I don’t fancy I can totally be myself and not have to worry.


Preachers Daughters


The Carrie Diaries

Dance Academy

So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed it. It was rather long so I hope it wasn’t too much.

Let me know what you thought: like, comment and share.


XO lmg

The girl that missed the bus

So this morning I left for college (a little later than I should have) with a spring in my step. There I was speed walking down the road, as I didn’t want to miss the bus-but unfortunately for me, I did  😦

I’m blaming The Carrie Diaries, I spent way too much time watching it this morning. I’m so excited for season 2 it starts 25th October– I think?

Anyway after the bus had  passed me by, I trudged back home with diminished spirits. It would be at least 20 minutes until the next bus and I had actually forgotten my graphical calculator for maths (so maybe missing the bus was a blessing in disguise).

I then made my way back to the bus stop hoping I wouldn’t be late.

No such luck.

I arrived 10 minutes after class had begun, I think I need to work on my punctuality.


XO lmg