Do what you can

“Dream big because you can”

That is my message to you this fine Sunday. Its not always easy to remain in high spirits when your goals feel unattainable. But that shouldn’t stop you dreaming big because where ever you end up won’t be possible without the dreams you create for yourself.

So let’s all dream BIG and be fantastic!!!

Who’s with me…


XO lmg




Letting go and moving forward

I will admit that sometimes its hard for me to let go. It’s not easy to accept things when they don’t turn out the way you intended. Sometimes even though you know you need to move on, you find yourself resistant because there’s a chance that things could turn out badly again, then your back to square one.

However in these types of situations its best to be optimistic because that will get you through it!

Something I’ve learnt is that when you hold on it just limits you.

I wish you all a happy Sunday!


XO lmg


Words unspoken

I’ve found that often in life there are things that people are unwilling to say.

I can’t stand not knowing things. It causes my mind to wander and come up with the craziest thoughts that span much further than I’d like. Often I end up getting super frustrated with people because they don’t say things that I think I should know.

I’d much prefer that someone was honest with me (even if what they said hurt my feelings), than kept something from me that I later find out (because the truth always comes out).

I’m all about honesty and when people aren’t honest, especially when its someone I trust it completely changes my perspective of the person.

Anyway this post got a little heavier (and more personal) than I intended (sorry). On a lighter note, who saw Made in Chelsea tonight!


XO lmg