Man on the street


It was about a week or so ago that I was out shopping fully consumed by my stresses and worries. As I was leaving the super market, a man (aged 30 at most) on the street looked up at me, he didn’t look particularly sad or happy.

I had this urge to start a conversation with him but I didn’t really know what to say. I walked over to him, fumbled in my pocket for change to add to his collection, said ‘Have a nice day’ and that was it.

As I walked away I wondered if I should have said something else instead, given him more money or even bought him food.

It’s just over a week later and I’m still thinking about the man on the street. I wonder what has/will become of him. I know he is not alone but yet he seemed so significant.


XO lmg


A day at the fair


Last week I went to a job fair and I was told to dress smart. However on arrival I felt slightly over dressed in comparison to everyone else. I got talking to this women who works for one of the companies that were there and she commented on how I was well presented which was great.

A few days ago it was frosty and honestly I think the winter weather may end up taking its toll on my style. As much as I love this coat it isn’t the best choice for winter, I find that the best looking ones never are. I think I need thicker tights, longer skirts or I could just sacrifice my warmth.

Penny for your thoughts?


XO lmg