Little bags



So these are my little bags.

They were all very inexpensive with prices ranging from £3.50-£5.99.

I still haven’t figured out how I’ll sign off at the end of my posts, how about…


Jimi x


Things for spring+summer



Just a few things I got on some of my recent shopping trips.

The black shorts were £4 from Primark as part of there workout range, however I didn’t get them for exercise instead I plan  to wear them under short dresses in the summer.

The skirt was on sale for £5 in h&m as I was browsing through the print caught my eye.

Lastly the cropped cami for £1.99 also from h&m which I plan to wear with skirts and under sheer tops.


XO lmg

Mini satchel



I got this bag a little over a week ago whilst browsing through a charity shop. I was a little sceptical at first as it seemed too good to be true  especially as it was only £3.95.

Whilst typing this I am currently watching Tuesdays episode of Home and Away where Casey dies and it is so sad.

Anyway it’s quite a small bag but it’s perfect for the essentials. Lately I have really been into smaller sized bags. When I was at college I carried around a big handbag as I had so much stuff to carry around-pens, notebooks, books, folders, fabric, food- but it’s so nice to carry a bag that isn’t weighing me down.


XO lmg



Chunky boots


Today I got these amazing boots and I was so excited that I had to show you them to you right away. I got them from T-k-maxx for £24.99. The heel is about 2.5 inches but with the 1 inch platform at the front it just feels like thick soles.

If I’d have seen these a couple of years ago I doubt I would have bought them but my style has evolved since then particularly over the past couple months and I very much like the direction it’s going in.


XO lmg


Recent Buys: XL Denim



I walked into the charity shop and as I was scouring the rails I saw this shirt. I instantly wanted it until I saw the label which said XL. I usually wear a UK size 10/12 so I knew this shirt would be way too big. However when I left the shop I couldn’t stop thinking about the shirt so I went back and purchased it  for just £3.95!

As soon as I got home I tried it on and I really love it. It’s actually long enough that I could get away with wearing it as a dress (with some little shorts on underneath, just in case!). The only bad thing is the sleeves are too long hence why they are rolled up but it’s nothing major.

It is currently still in the plastic bag, but as soon as it is washed you will be seeing it a tonne! I might even do a mini lookbook showing you how I style it.


XO lmg




On the left is a floral crop top from New Look which I got on sale for £6, I probably won’t get much wear out of it this year as Autumn is on it’s way and it’s very much a summer piece. I love the floral pattern on it and even though it’s cropped it isn’t too short.

The next item is just a basic black stretch camisole from Primark which was only £2, I got it to wear underneath my sheer tops as sometimes a visible bra isn’t quite appropriate. The thing about this stretch camisole is that it is ridiculously stretchy so much so that in the pictures above it looks like a dress; an extremely short one none the less !


XO lmg

New Dresses

Last week I went shopping with my Mum and sister which was fun and my mum treated me to 2 new dresses!wpid-collage_20140822204311023.jpg

The first dress I got is not to my usual taste and I still haven’t decided if I really like it. I do like the floral  pattern but I feel like maybe it’s a little too much for me. wpid-collage_20140822203943636.jpgI love this dress so much its not to my usual taste either but I think my style is changing with age. I love the geometric pattern, the colours are nice and simple but what I also like is the curved hem. It didn’t come with the belt but I think this is definitely how I’ll be wearing it.


XO lmg