What goes up must come down

Sometimes I feel like that’s how I am emotionally like all good things will be followed by something bad (which is probably why I’m often kinda tense and on edge).

Today has been a weird day for me I’ve been happy, sad, happy, sad… (you get the idea).

I wasn’t feeling either of these emotions to any kind of extreme but lots of little things keep getting me down.

Despite all the little bad things I’m choosing to dismiss them and keep happy and positive about life.

Anyway I’ll just share with you 3 songs I  listened that made me feel better.

Jake Epstien- Rescue you

Joanna Pacitti- Out from under

TLC- Somethin’ you wanna know

Moving on tomorrow is the last day of college before the Christmas holidays and I’m full of anticipation (I get really excited about these kind of things). I’ve kind of planned 2 outfits but I’m not sure whether which outfit is the best option. I feel like its a big thing my last college outfit of 2013, like that’s major!

Outfit 1- Black/grey skinny jeans, dark green baggy cable knit jumper and a studded denim vest.

Outfit 2- Pink mini skirt with a sweater… (that’s all I got so far)

Anyway that’s it for now, I’m full of anticipation with much to prep for tomorrow…


XO lmg

p.s.- I intended to post this yesterday but I fell asleep before I clicked publish, oops!



Changes over time

This time last year college was so different in comparison to now. Honestly for the first 2-3 months I didn’t really like it. The main reason being that I didn’t really know anyone and the people I did know I didn’t know very well (I only knew about 4 people out of about 1000 1st years).

I remember having to spend my frees in the library, even when I had no work to do because I didn’t have anyone to hang out with. At lunches I would walk into the refectory, frantically searching for a familiar face. In general I felt like I didn’t belong and I started to regret not going to the same college as my secondary school friends.

I made a grand effort in all my classes to get to know people and make new friends. It was actually pretty fun getting to know people, I actually found it much easier getting to know guys than girls which is a little odd, as I went to an all girls secondary school.

So fast forward to 24th October 2013, so much has changed. I have lots of amazing friends, I’m enjoying all the subjects I study and I feel like I fit in.

So today in particular was a SUPER day which I will blog about in another post as I have a lot to say.


XO lmg


How my good day became not so good

So today was a pretty good day at college for me, up until the end of the day when I saw someone I hoped (unrealistically) to avoid for the whole  of second year.

As soon as I got home I just felt erugh, its difficult to explain but all I felt like doing was putting on comfy clothes, my pink fluffy socks and eating  cake (preferably chocolate my favourite). Which is exactly  what I did minus the cake as their was none at home, much to my dismay 😦

Seeing him again made me kind of sad.

The only good thing is that when I feel like this somehow I end up being able to write poetry (of the romantic variety).

You may think I’m super weird but yes, when I’m feeling sad I write poetry.

Right now I’m thinking something about a charming Gentleman and a beautiful Lady.


XO lmg