Careless catastrophe



I often make a mess of my outfits when I’m heading off to the library or nature reserve. The way I see it I’m going there solely for myself so it really doesn’t matter what I look like.

I guess that was my inspiration behind this outfit which I’m not so sure what I think of. Initially I thought it was a bit a catastrophe with all the colours however blue, read and cream go together pretty well.

That’s all for now.


XO lmg


Blazer and red



I absolutely love this little red bag, best £4 I ever spent! It goes perfectly well with so many of my outfits; it’s so light filled with just the essentials in comparison to when I carry larger bags that sometimes literally weigh me down.

This outfit was one that I didn’t really think about but I chose to wear my super smart blazer (even though it was just a casual day out) because I love being able to dress down smarter pieces.

I’ve never worn this particular blazer for a formal occasion before and I probably never will.


XO lmg

Lady en rouge


This is one of my favourite dresses despite the fact that I rarely wear red. I love the length, pockets, tie at the waist and lastly the metal zip. Its pretty old I got it from next a while back.

The name of this post is actually named after a song I wrote inspired by an episode of bomb girls. The song was about a person struggling to get by in life who puts on a front that everyone believes.

I only wear this dress in summer so don’t tend to wear a jacket with it. I tend to just wear it with sandals or converse and then maybe a necklace as the dress is very simple. If I wear it on a colder day I’d probably wear it with a my h&m bomber jacket or my black blazer.

The dress comes down just below the knee but I’m thinking of cutting it into a mini dress, as I think it would make it more versatile for me to style.


XO lmg




Colour at last

wpid-collage_20140512204419506.jpgAfter looking through a few of my outfit photos I realised that many of my outfits consist of black and grey. Despite this I do actually like wearing bright colours like the one in the top above.

Of course I ended up wearing grey trousers because they are an old favourite of mine. To make the outfit a little less boring I wore a denim vest over the top.


wpid-collage_20140512204548923.jpgI quite liked the double collar on this outfit and I think the colours and pattern work well together, creating a very chilled spring outfit.


XO lmg


Mondrian inspired nails

Hey there, hope your day has been a good one, mine sure has been. I planned to post this yesterday but didn’t quite get round to it, oops!


Paint your nails white.


Draw  on the lines in black.lmg-pic-0079

Paint the largest section red.

lmg-pic-0092Then paint the bottom left section in blue.

There is also meant to be yellow on one of the 2 white boxes but I don’t have any nail varnish in that colour.

TA-DA, there you have it Mondrian inspired nails that are sure to get you many compliments (it happened to me)!

XO lmg

p.s. let me know in the comments if you try it out or leave a link if you have creative nail ideas on your blog

A/W 2013 Trends

In  case you didn’t know I am a fashion loving teen. I love flicking through fashion magazines looking at all the beautiful clothes and seeing what’s on trend for the new season.

A/W 2013 Trends










So there you have it trends for the new season, over the next few days I will be posting lots more about each A/W 2013 trend in detail…

…So stay tuned!


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