Feeling the blues, it goes on

Over the past week I’ve been feeling the blues. Up until yesterday I was extremely worried and stressed. It happens to me all the time so I’m used to it but it’s difficult sometimes.

I’ll often have a few consecutive days of stress and worry then suddenly I’ll have some sort of revelation whilst doing something I always do like listening to The Jezabels. It was once words from the song Beat to Beat:

“All of my things that I don’t want,

all of the things that I don’t need,

are weighing me down,

are weighing me down,

but it goes on”

Just hearing those lines changed my state of mind. I had been carrying a mental burden that was weighing me down by affecting me physically. Those words reminded me that it goes on, life is always changing. It’s impossible for me to avoid things that will get me down but more often than not these things aren’t as big a deal as they seem so I just have to keep going.

Yesterday I spent the day in Cardiff, it was only when I got home that I realised I’d forgotten all about my worries from the past week. Its surprising what a change of scenery can do to a persons state of mind.

Anyway I’m now feeling refreshed, energised and full of positivity.

On a lighter note, last week I reached 400 followers on the blog so “Thank you very much!”

I really appreciate all the support especially as I’m becoming a more confident blogger, it all feels great.

Hope your Sunday has been RAD!

Jimi x


Old hobbies and bad habits

Yesterday I read a blog post on inthefrow about getting back into old hobbies. It reminded that I haven’t done anything textiles/sewing related for a long time and that I don’t spend enough time writing just for fun.



Sewing is something I’ve been doing from a young age. It began with me and my sister using fabric scraps to hand sew dolls clothes then when I was 9 I joined the sewing club at school where I first learnt to hand embroider. As I got older Textiles was always a subject I enjoyed and did best in at school.

Last year in January I got my very own sewing machine and I was so happy as I had wanted one for a very long time. Fast forward to present day and I haven’t used my machine since August. The feeling I get when I’m creating something is amazing and I miss it. I already have a few things I want to make or alter I just need to get to it.



I spend more time thinking about writing than I do actually writing. I was recently inspired to start writing fiction again as I haven’t done so since secondary school. It won’t be for my blog, it’ll be for me and for fun. In terms of blog posts I have an ever-growing list of 40+ ideas but I rarely get round to actually writing them out.


Procrastination is one of the reasons I haven’t been pursuing my interests as much I as could have been. I want to be good at the things I do but I constantly worry that I won’t be (it’s a vicious circle!) and sometimes it ends up seeming better to not bother than to try and feel disappointed.

I’ve felt like that with many things in life but it’s only now when I’ve done some reflection and become consciously aware of the habit, that I am able to realise it is something I have to work on.

I want to end this post with a quote from a book by Paul Arden:

“Aim beyond what you are capable of. Try things you are incapable of. Make your vision a reality.”

Jimi x

Pollyanna is always a winner

2 days ago I began my day getting ready for work and for no particular reason I wasn’t in the best mood. All of a sudden I had this epiphany: ‘I can take control of how my day turns out. I can be like Pollyana and make today a good day’.

It probably sounds silly but I just kept reminding myself to have a good day. The strange thing was not only did that positive thought become a reality but the day also. got better and better.

Not long before I finished work my friend that I work with got a call from a college friend (who I also know) and tells me a few of them are meeting him after work. I ended up going too because I always have fun hanging out with the guys.

Instead of names i’ll give the guys numbers.

1 is the guy that I work with and he is kind and super chilled.

2 is they guy I don’t know too much but I know he is a good friend.

3 is a guy I’ve known since primary school (over 10 years), who always makes me laugh and I totally adore him.

So me and 1 left work, met 2 and 3 then they started talking about the other guy we were meeting with.

4, who I last spoke to over 6 months ago and things were pretty awkward for me. However prior to this I considered him a great friend and someone that I trusted more than most.

After finding out 4 was going to be there I was tempted to go home because the thought of seeing him was terrifying.

That’s when my morning epiphany came back to me and also the phrase ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ and then I just knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity to do something that scared me a little.

So we all went to meet 4 and everything was fine, in fact it went amazingly well.

We were just hanging out listening to music and the one song that I’d never heard before stuck in my mind: Can’t stop by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Everytime I hear that song it will take me back to March 21st which turned  out to be a pretty special day.

That day I realised that ‘Pollyanna is always a winner’.

I also realised that ‘Situation is just that, it has no special power, to do you harm, it’s your actions that count’. Well actually that’s a Funkadelic lyric but March 21st gave was an example that showed me it is true.


XO lmg



An important habit to learn

Living in the moment

There was a quote from a book I read last year that went something like ‘We shouldn’t always wish to be somewhere we are not’ it then went on to say that we should enjoy the moments that we are in because they’ll pass us by.

It’s easy to wake up and go to school or work but wish you were somewhere else. I can guarantee everyone has done that at least once, me included.

However instead of wishing yourself elsewhere how about live in the moment you are in, make it amazing so that when its over you can say you didn’t let those minutes/hours pass you by. If someone told me this a few months ago I would have said that I’ve tried and it isn’t working (obviously forgetting Thomas Edison’s wise words)  and that maybe it doesn’t work for everyone. Funny how things turn around though.

Here are 2 scenarios that I’ve had in my life:

A. You have to go to class whilst all your friends have frees for the rest of the day. You gaze out of the window wishing you were with your friends instead willing for the hour to be over so you can join them.

How about paying attention and making use of the next 60 minutes to learn as much as you possibly can.

B. You are laying in bed with Wonderwall by Oasis playing in the background. You wish that you were out somewhere having fun but instead just wish for the day to be over so you can (hopefully) start fresh tomorrow.

First up ‘stop the music’ now realise that even though your day has gotten off to a crappy start by choosing to live in the moment you could possibly have the best day ever.

Living in the moment isn’t an easy habit to adopt but like most things it just takes practise.

XO lmg


2015: Living ‘Beyond the box’

So I ‘ll begin by saying ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!’

I spent my new years eve out with some of my oldest friends and I had a great night, minus the part where some guy spilt the majority of his pint on my legs and boots.

Towards the end of last year I wrote 3 words on a piece of paper, drew a box around them, tore around it then stuck it on my wall.

Every time I’m sat at my desk, I look up and see those 3 words and my mind starts thinking about what they mean.

The 3 words were ‘Beyond the box’.

Here is a little piece from my journal:

‘In life there are opportunities to do things outside of your box, your comfort zone and everything that you know. Each time you do it’s like sticking a push pin beyond your box. The more you do things outside of your comfort zone (the box), the more likely that become part of it and your box expands. The idea is to live your life doing things beyond the box as much as you can. It can be small or big, it doesn’t matter.

Everything beyond the box is unknown territory or the things you are too scared to do. You just need a little courage.’


XO lmg