Things for spring+summer



Just a few things I got on some of my recent shopping trips.

The black shorts were £4 from Primark as part of there workout range, however I didn’t get them for exercise instead I plan  to wear them under short dresses in the summer.

The skirt was on sale for £5 in h&m as I was browsing through the print caught my eye.

Lastly the cropped cami for £1.99 also from h&m which I plan to wear with skirts and under sheer tops.


XO lmg


My winter scarf



I think it is nice to have staple pieces to get you through the season for me it has been this scarf. I bought it towards the end of last year from Primark for £5 and I have been pleasantly surprised.

I have been wearing it all the time which you will soon see in upcoming outfit posts and it really does keep me warm (gotta love synthetics!).  The colours on the scarf go really well with a minimalist palette of black, blue and grey but also with shades of red.


XO lmg

Take me to infinity

wpid-img_20141129_152027-1.jpg       wpid-img_20141129_150836-1.jpg

The other day I went to this mini planetarium with my little sister and it was pretty fun. It was all about the planets, stars, the universe and all that jazz. I’m really into all that kind of stuff, I just find it so interesting.

Anyway less Physics, more fashion. The pink skirt is probably my favourite skirt that I have but I haven’t worn it for such a long time because it is very short and kinda tight. I’m probably going to give it away but I feel like I need a new skirt to replace it before doing so.


The jumper is from Primark, it’s great for the winter weather as it actually keeps me pretty warm. For my outerwear I chose my denim shirt and just wore it open with the sleeves rolled up.


XO lmg




On the left is a floral crop top from New Look which I got on sale for £6, I probably won’t get much wear out of it this year as Autumn is on it’s way and it’s very much a summer piece. I love the floral pattern on it and even though it’s cropped it isn’t too short.

The next item is just a basic black stretch camisole from Primark which was only £2, I got it to wear underneath my sheer tops as sometimes a visible bra isn’t quite appropriate. The thing about this stretch camisole is that it is ridiculously stretchy so much so that in the pictures above it looks like a dress; an extremely short one none the less !


XO lmg

Primark mini haul

So the last time I was in the city centre I decided to head into Primark. Now I want to begin by saying I’m not a big Primark lover but I have noticed that over the past couple years there designs have gotten better. However I don’t think the quality of some of there items is amazing so I’m pretty cautions when shopping there and I do tend to look over the stitching and stuff.


First up I got a patterned swing dress for £5,they had a big rack with lots of dresses of the same price,  including a blue and purple floral drop waist dress that I was tempted to buy. 

wpid-img_20140822_163218.jpg wpid-img_20140822_163244.jpg

The next thing I got was this little backpack for £8. I really liked quite a lot of the bags in Primark, they had lots of different styles at great prices. However, some of the bags are nice to look at but on closer inspection they aren’t as fantastic. 

The thing about it though is Primark is the shop that comes to mind when I think ‘Junk Fashion’, it’s like the place to shop if you want things for only a season. Like it’s ok to pay £5 for a semi-decent quality dress because you’ll just throw it away soon after.

I know it might come across slightly contradictory as I do shop there occasionally but those are just my thoughts. Also I’m not saying everything there is bad quality as it isn’t, some of the things are perfectly fine.

XO lmg

Dressed to impress

wpid-IMG_20140211_203516.jpg I wore this outfit on Monday when I went to college. I’m wearing a black 3/4  sleeve bodycon dress, a acid wash denim vest and a skirt that is fully sheer as I cut off the black under-layer but its all good because of the dress underneath. To finish it off I added a belt at my waist because I think it finished off the outfit well and I think its a good contrast with a defined waistline and then the oversized denim vest on top.

I actually got the dress from Primark a few months ago but when I got home and tried it on it was way too short (in my opinion) and the fit of it wasn’t so good. Monday was actually the first time I’ve worn it but I was pleased with how the look turned out.

So when I was at college in Textiles class my friend told me I looked really nice, she then asked me who I was trying to impress. Being me I laughed then tried to deny that it had anything too do with a guy but she didn’t believe me (she’s much more observant than I realised!)

Generally for college I dress very casual but this week I just wanted to make more of an effort because I’m trying to experiment more with my style but also if I bump into a certain someone I want to look ‘en pointe’.  


XO lmg

Life Snippets: Outfits and Nails

wpid-IMG_20140205_103621-1.jpg Yesterdays outfit that I wore when I went into college to do textiles work.

wpid-IMG_20140203_111426-1.jpg  Mondays outfit that I wore for my first exam of the week.

wpid-IMG_20140205_101502.jpgwpid-IMG_20140205_101526.jpg This is what’s currently on my nails, Marine blue, Rimmel London.

wpid-IMG_20140129_141400.jpgThis is how I had my nails last week, you cant tell from the photo but the colour I used under the black was Runway Pearl, Revlon.

 wpid-IMG_20140205_101425.jpg Just a little something I planned to wear yesterday but I ended up changing my mind. The scarf is quite old from Primark but its great for adding a pop of colour to a dull outfit.

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