Take me to infinity

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The other day I went to this mini planetarium with my little sister and it was pretty fun. It was all about the planets, stars, the universe and all that jazz. I’m really into all that kind of stuff, I just find it so interesting.

Anyway less Physics, more fashion. The pink skirt is probably my favourite skirt that I have but I haven’t worn it for such a long time because it is very short and kinda tight. I’m probably going to give it away but I feel like I need a new skirt to replace it before doing so.


The jumper is from Primark, it’s great for the winter weather as it actually keeps me pretty warm. For my outerwear I chose my denim shirt and just wore it open with the sleeves rolled up.


XO lmg





Most of my outfits include black or grey but every once in a while I like to change things up and wear bright vibrant colours, in this case bright blue and fuchsia.

wpid-collage_20140624191157417.jpgAll the items are pretty old but the pink mini skirt was from hm the blue crop top from New Look and the necklace from Dorothy Perkins– they do tonnes of great jewellery there.


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A hint of prep

Hey, here’s another outfit post for you.


I wasn’t particularly keen on this outfit when I looked in the mirror before I left for college, but I was in a rush so it had to do. As the day went on the outfit grew on me I also got a few compliments from my friends too, which was nice.


wpid-IMG_20140227_142555-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140227_142503-1.jpg

When I picked this outfit out I was going for casual with a hint of prep- note the sweater and collar!


I wore a vintage oversized cardigan over the top and sweater for warmth. I’m not sure if I really like the cardigan much, I wanted it to be oversized but I think it’s slightly past the ‘trendy oversized cardigan’ style. I think it probably just looks big, but I hope not.wpid-IMG_20140227_142624-1.jpg The collared top is from next, I have another one in the same style but its red and white. I think they’re the only collared tops I have but I’m on the lookout for more.

XO lmg

Pink and floral

wpid-IMG_20140213_184831-1.jpgThis is the outfit that I wore to college yesterday for Valentines day. The top I’m wearing is a camisole from  new look and I really love it. I got it towards the end of last year on sale and its such a versatile piece, easy to dress up or down.

I really like the outfit because its a little dressed up but still casual because of the oversized cardigan, and it got me some compliments too!

I had a free period yesterday and it was so much fun, I spent it with 2 of my good friends talking about boys, careers and how our lives will be in the future.

By the time I got back home yesterday I felt pretty under the weather so I spent the evening in bed with my headphones in.

XO lmg


The winter finale

lmg-pic-0073_e1Friday was the last day of college before the Christmas holidays/Winter break. Above is the outfit I worethe skirt and scarf are from h&m and the jumper from Primark. 

It took me ages to decide on this because I wanted to look really nice and make a lasting impression because their are lots of people who wont see me until next year.

The only bad thing about the day was that I put so much stress on it because I wanted it to be perfect that I actually gave myself an anxiety attack. I’ve realised that I put too much pressure on myself and situations as I want things to be a certain way and sometimes (quite often actually) it has negative effects.

College was good though, it was nice to see everyone, especially friends or acquaintances that I’m not social with outside of college and just talk about holiday plans and I just felt really happy and cheery.

After college I made plans to meet up with my best friend to go shopping and catch up, which was so much fun because I haven’t seen her for a while and she’s one of the few people I can totally be myself around without worrying about being judged.

Anyway thanks for reading 🙂


XO lmg

Cocoon Coats

So I already have many winter coats but lately I have been lusting after a cocoon coat. They are just so chic and effortlessly sophisticated (I’m in love with them!).

Unfortunately, being an unemployed student aged 17 means that my budget only stretches as far as essentials 😦

But I’ll keep dreaming…


Hope you find this interesting, feel free to leave a comment letting me know your favourite style of coat for this winter.

XO lmg

A/W 2013 Trends: Pink

A/W 2013 Trends: Pink

Oscar de la Renta blouse

Brian Lichtenberg sweatshirts hoody
$160 – brownsfashion.com

Wildfox Couture pink shirt
$68 – zalando.co.uk

Wallis long sleeve shirt

People Tree pink peplum top
$50 – peopletree.co.uk

River Island sweatshirt
$35 – riverisland.com

MSGM red jacket
$385 – jades24.com

Simone Rocha mini skirt

Topshop shorts

Gucci shoes
$615 – profilefashion.com

Dr Martens oxford

BREE crossbody purse
$310 – zalando.co.uk

Coast pink purse
$63 – coast-stores.com

ASOS hat