Nails: Orange+blue


Of all the contrasting colours orange and blue are my favourite. I love painting my nails in bright colours and little patterns. I think it’s a nice way to complete a lot of my looks because my style is often quite basic and simple.


XO lmg


Going for gold

wpid-img_20140715_095419.jpg wpid-img_20140715_095402.jpg

Its been a while since I wore gold nail varnish but Collection Going for gold really caught my eye. Its got a bit of a bronze tone to it that I liked and it cost £1.99.

I really love colour but you do need 3 coats for it to be fully opaque but you could get away with 2. However 2 coats would not give ‘maximum colour intensity’ (as the bottle claims), in my opinion. It didn’t chip for a couple of days but I didn’t use a top coat.

Overall,  in comparison to the other collection nail varnishes that I mentioned in Saturdays post, I actually really liked this one and would definitely recommend it.


XO lmg

Nails: Silver triangles



Hello, here is some thing a little different from the usual but I hope you like it. I love painting my nails, but I only really started doing little designs on them when my older sister did because I like to copy her sometimes. Its actually quite fun when I have the time and it’s nice when people notice and compliment me.


XO lmg

Man-go Team!



Hello 🙂

I got this beautiful colour a couple of days ago and I absolutely love it! Its my first time using a Sally Hansen nail varnish and I wasn’t disappointed.

This shade of orange is called Man-go Team,it’s super bright and although not a colour I would usually choose, I think its perfect for summer and I’ll definitely be wearing it a lot.

I’m hoping to do some nail art posts over the next few weeks, so look out!


XO lmg


Life Snippets: For when your feeling down

So for the past couple days I haven’t been feeling too great.

Do you ever have those days when you have something on your mind and you don’t really know what to do about it. You spend al day worrying about the problem, yet you never actually come to a conclusion on what to do.

Anyway on day 3 of walking around with a frown on my face I unintentionally managed to cheer myself up 🙂

Here’s how:

Watching youtube videos

Sometimes its just seeing that people are out there doing things that inspires me and when something inspires me, it’s like get a big energy boost and I can do anything.

Making a mental/physical note of all the good things that have happened in the day

My morning was actually great because I spent it with a guy friend who I really like hanging out with. He was really chatty and made me laugh and smile. At one point I was saying how I want to be called a lady (over girl or women) and he said he wanted me to call him a gentleman, which made me laugh- not to say he doesn’t have the gentlemanly qualities (handsome, smart and charming). When I was with him I forgot all about the frustrating problem that’s been my burden for the past 3 days.

Painting my nails

Maybe this one makes me a little shallow, but it’s the truth. I love painting my nails and it was the last thing I did. As I applied the last brush stroke I found myself smiling.




XO lmg

Life Snippets: Outfits and Nails

wpid-IMG_20140205_103621-1.jpg Yesterdays outfit that I wore when I went into college to do textiles work.

wpid-IMG_20140203_111426-1.jpg  Mondays outfit that I wore for my first exam of the week.

wpid-IMG_20140205_101502.jpgwpid-IMG_20140205_101526.jpg This is what’s currently on my nails, Marine blue, Rimmel London.

wpid-IMG_20140129_141400.jpgThis is how I had my nails last week, you cant tell from the photo but the colour I used under the black was Runway Pearl, Revlon.

 wpid-IMG_20140205_101425.jpg Just a little something I planned to wear yesterday but I ended up changing my mind. The scarf is quite old from Primark but its great for adding a pop of colour to a dull outfit.

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