Nails: Orange+blue


Of all the contrasting colours orange and blue are my favourite. I love painting my nails in bright colours and little patterns. I think it’s a nice way to complete a lot of my looks because my style is often quite basic and simple.


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Going for gold

wpid-img_20140715_095419.jpg wpid-img_20140715_095402.jpg

Its been a while since I wore gold nail varnish but Collection Going for gold really caught my eye. Its got a bit of a bronze tone to it that I liked and it cost £1.99.

I really love colour but you do need 3 coats for it to be fully opaque but you could get away with 2. However 2 coats would not give ‘maximum colour intensity’ (as the bottle claims), in my opinion. It didn’t chip for a couple of days but I didn’t use a top coat.

Overall,  in comparison to the other collection nail varnishes that I mentioned in Saturdays post, I actually really liked this one and would definitely recommend it.


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Nails: Blue and silver



I’ve been loving blue nails quite a lot, this summer. I added some detail in silver as I think the 2 colours looked good together. The colours I used are both from the brand Collection.

The lighter one is Sonic Blue and the darker one is Deep blue sea. I wasn’t impressed with them because the lid says ‘Apply 2 coats for maximum intensity.’ but I found that particularly with Sonic Blue even after 3 coats they weren’t fully opaque. At the price of £1.99 each, they’re pretty decent but I wouldn’t recommend them.

If you like this post I did a nail art one on Monday as well, also I haven’t been posting as much outfits lately but I did post one on Thursday so feel free to check it out.


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Nails: Silver triangles



Hello, here is some thing a little different from the usual but I hope you like it. I love painting my nails, but I only really started doing little designs on them when my older sister did because I like to copy her sometimes. Its actually quite fun when I have the time and it’s nice when people notice and compliment me.


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Bits and bobs


Recently I have been shopping quite alot (4 times within 6 days!), but I’m quite a cautious spender so I shop mostly in the sales and occasionally in charity shops.

On the top left is a purse from peacocks for £6.

Below that are some gold bumble bee earrings from Dorothy Perkins which were on sale for £3.

Next to that is the nail varnish 2 of which are Miss Sporty, from the ‘Clubbing colours’ range and the other one is Body Collection.

Lastly is a book that I got from £land because lately I’ve regained my love for reading and who doesn’t love cheap books!


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The things I bought yesterday


Everything I got! (Well not quite, but these are the most interesting.)


I’ve gotten this product once before and I thought it was pretty good it doesn’t contain mineral oil or petroleum which is really good as neither of those are beneficial to my hair.

wpid-IMG_20131207_094327.jpg So this colour is really cool it is a two-tone purple and teal nail varnish the brand is Rimmel london and the colour is 60 Royal Blue.


wpid-IMG_20131207_093911.jpgWhen I first saw people wearing purple lips I was like “that’s way too much for me”, but I had been looking for a dark lipstick for a while. The reason I ended up getting one was mainly to layer over other lighter colours, but I have tried out alone and its actually not too bad.

wpid-IMG_20131207_093902.jpg Above is a colour swatch the brand is Collection the name of the shade is Scorned.


wpid-IMG_20131207_093942.jpg So I probably haven’t mentioned this but I am a major fan of coloured eyeliner. The first eyeliner I owned was a metallic blue. The one above is a matte blue by MUA.


wpid-IMG_20131207_093600.jpgOlive oil for my hair, so I’m into using natural oils on my scalp, I also use coconut oil.

wpid-IMG_20131207_094242.jpgSo you probably cant see in the picture but the above nail varnish is like a pearly colour which is why it has the name Runway Pearl. I’m thinking to use it as a base and then draw patterns on my nails in black. I’ll be sure to post a picture when I try that out. 

wpid-IMG_20131207_094452.jpgSo I don’t know about you but my skin tends to get alot drier in the winter, I find my self having to exfoliate more often. Its not the first time I’ve gotten this facial loofah and I can tell you that they work really well.

wpid-IMG_20131207_094509.jpgThis is just for keeping my skin moisturised when I’m out and about. 

wpid-IMG_20131207_094532.jpg I got these for my sister as part of her birthday present. It’s kind of a tradition that I get them for her every year.

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Just a few things I picked up



So yeaterday after collge I did a little bit of shopping, nothing major. I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the things I bought.

lmg-pic-0304l-r: Rimmel London, Lasting Finish Pro in Blue Marine, Barry M in Raspberry and Natural Collection in Peach Manicure


Rimmel London, Lasting Finish Pro in Blue Marine 

So I was wandering through poundland when I saw this, I usually walk straight past the beauty products in there as they don’t often appeal to me. I really love the colour its like a metallic teal. I think this colour is perfect for the end of winter and into the start of spring, but I’ll definitely be using it this season.

Barry M in Raspberry

This colour is so lovely, this season I’ve really been into wearing berry shades and  muted pinks so this Raspberry hue is just another one to add to my collection.

Natural Collection in Peach Manicure

I’ve actually gotten this colour already before and I think its great. Although its called peach manicure  I just use it on its own for the days when I just want a nails to look natural or when I just don’t feel like painting them in bright colours.


Maybelline Baby Lips- Cherry

I just got this because I don’t wear lipstick that often but I still like to have a bit of colour on my lips. Also its meant to give ‘baby soft’ lips and who wouldn’t want that!

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