The best life

Tomorrow is a new day,

Another now.

Reach out and grasp it.

Make someone smile.

Live a remarkable life.

I’ve been feeling quite inspired lately and have been gettingĀ back into doing all the things I enjoy. Life can be really serious and scary but it’s also finite so I’m learning to let go of things.

I want my life to be the best it can possibly be.

XO lmg


Letting go and moving forward

I will admit that sometimes its hard for me to let go. It’s not easy to accept things when they don’t turn out the way you intended. Sometimes even though you know you need to move on, you find yourself resistant because there’s a chance that things could turn out badly again, then your back to square one.

However in these types of situations its best to be optimistic because that will get you through it!

Something I’ve learnt is that when you hold on it just limits you.

I wish you all a happy Sunday!


XO lmg


Daily Snippets: Thoughts of old friends

So my main group of secondary school friends and I are drifting apart. It started at the end of secondary school when I decided to go to a different college/6th form to them.

We still keep in contact and message each other every few weeks, but I have been starting to wonder whether it is a friendship worth keeping.

I’m thinking do I just leave things as they are and let us drift apart slowly but surely or do I just cut ties with them, hmmm……

Let me know your thoughts in the comments- it would be much appreciated!


XO lmg