A little reminder

The best things in life

are those that inspire

and remind you that

you can be great too.

XO lmg


Updates + what’s to come :-)

Hello, I hope your day is going well.

I just wanted to let you know about some of what’s to come and give you an update.

  • I changed my blog theme.
  • I have almost finished my nail art series so hopefully I can get round to sharing that with you very soon.
  • I have decided from July onwards I am going to start (almost) daily blogging.
  • I will be sharing not only more outfits but also more general fashion related content.
  • The style series I had planned isn’t happening anymore.
  • However I still want to do a style series so I’ve gone back to planning. I think it will be based on trends.
  • My twitter is now @lmg_Sotl so free to follow me.
  • I am beyond excited for Keke Palmers talk show ‘Just Keke’, which starts today!
  • After talking an unintentional break, I’m slowly getting back into regular exercise and continuing to improve on my healthy eating habits.

I think that’s everything, thanks for stopping by.

Be sure to come back tomorrow and everyday after that for something new or (to make it easier) just click follow on the side bar to get my new posts straight to your inbox.


XO lmg


Find a way to keep yourself motivated


So I awoke this morning thinking it was still Sunday.

I’ve been dreading today as not only is the weekend over but I have an exam. Although I’ve been studying for it I really don’t feel prepared.

Right now I just feel like going back to bed, but since that is not an option I thought I would do a motivational post to help me and anyone else with Monday Blues.

And now I am motivated 🙂

If this post makes at least 1 person feel a little better, I’ll deem it a success!

Have a great day.


XO lmg

Daily Snippets: I adore the friendly sales assistant

The one that is chatty and smiles,

And I guess he’s a little cute too.

He asks about me and then tells me something about himself.

He thinks I’m at uni and asks what I study, I’m flattered although, he is mistaken (I’m only 17).

The book and receipt are in the bag, that means its time to go.

I say “Thanks” and mean it then walk away with a smile on my face.


XO lmg


Daily Snippets: Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC story

Just finished watching it and I loved everything about it.


I’ll definitely blog more about it later in detail, but I totally recommend that you watch it, especially if your a TLC fan.

Also it has Evan Ross in it and he so HOT!

Anyway I better start getting ready for college, wouldn’t wanna be late :-p


XO lmg