I’m not her


This time last year I was a completely different person. I think it was a case of just not knowing myself very well, not having the confidence to be myself or a combination of the 2. This outfit is something I would have worn last year when I was at college.

It’s funny how an outfit can just take you back. The jacket is very old and when I was at college I wore it all the time and now that that period of time is over I don’t really want the jacket any more.

Also apologies for the faces I’m pulling especially in the second photo, ha ha!

Jimi x


I used to sit and watch the world…

Last year on AS results day I cried because my grades were so terrible and it was all there in writing. I felt so bad because I’d gotten caught up in things that were (in truth) insignificant and I didn’t try nearly as hard as I should have.

This year I have a feeling I’ll cry again not because my results were good/bad. I’ll cry because today is like totally the end of college, the past 2 years summed up with a few letters.

The past 2 years have probably been the best of my life. I’ve grown up so much from the 16 year old that walked in to the 18 year old that strolled out. I’ve learnt so much inside and outside of lessons, made new friends that I hope to keep and met new people that truly changed me and taught me things. Some of these people were so unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I’m so much more confident in myself and a lot more expressive.

I’ll miss college so much it was stressful yet lots of  fun. Although, that time I guess has now passed and I’m now an adult ready to start making my mark on the world, I will always have the memories and all the pages that I wrote at the point in time when I became myself.


“I used to sit and watch the world, but now the world is looking back”


XO lmg

Snippets of 2013


AS exam season and a whole lot of stress.


I had a very embarrassing experience involving a guy I like, a chocolate cookie and some loose change.


Making progress with ‘Charming’ and just life in general.


Lots of birthdays and starting ‘intense’ revision for upcoming exams


The start of exam season, like January I was stressed but this time their were more exams which= more pressure!


My birthday and the month I made a declaration of the semi-romantic variety which I still regret, at least now I can laugh about it though.


End of term and the beginning of summer YAAAYYY!!!


Volunteering and a holiday off to West Sussex… “good times!”


The birth of snippetsofthislife and the start of 2nd year, this was a good month filled with great moments.


I was pretty busy and I did a lot of thinking and writing about my life but I think my favourite part was that I started getting to know a guy and I quite like him (in a MAJOR way!).


I’ve realised I’m much more confident than I used to be, I worry a lot less about how others view me, I’ve finally accepted that not everyone will adore me and their are lots of people that like me just as I am Xx


Optimism, festivities and planning for 2014

So that’s my 2013 obviously I couldn’t mention everything so I just chose some of my favourite moments.

I’m planning to do a few more end of the year posts, so look out!


XO lmg