AoK May: Week 2

Hello and welcome to week 2!

So the first half of the past week was good and the 2nd half, not so good.

Basically I wasn’t really in the ‘kind’ mood but then I thought even though I’m not in a good mood, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t still extend my kindness to the people around me.

I guess the past week was an example of how when your in a not so good mood it can have an effect on the way you treat other people. My thinking was along the lines of ‘I’m in a bad mood so why should I be nice to you’.

Anyway, right now I’m feeling refreshed and ready to take on week 3, which is also my last week of college ever.

To end this post I have 2 qoutes on kindness:

Kindness consists of loving people more than they deserve.-Joseph Joubert

It is a man’s kindly acts that are remembered of him in the years after his life.-Ptah-Hotep

XO lmg


New year, new me???


Happy New Year!!!

How’s your new year been so far?

Its only day one and I feel like I’ve already given up on the whole “fresh start, new me” thing sort of because today has been rather unproductive. I’m tired from going out last night and the weather outside my window is the epitome of bleak.

Today is the start of my Vegetarian January, which I’ll be blogging about weekly. On one hand I’m looking forward to experimenting with not eating any meat but on the other hand I’m thinking “What if I get the urge for fried chicken?”

New Years resolutions

Well I just want to work hard, get good grades, experiment and try new things, do volunteering, get a job, continue gaining confidence and have lots ‘n’ lots of fun!

Almost forgot, I also want to improve my blog; in terms of audience and content.

If you have a New Years resolutions post leave a link in the comments and I’ll be sure to check it out.


XO lmg

Daily Snippets: I adore the friendly sales assistant

The one that is chatty and smiles,

And I guess he’s a little cute too.

He asks about me and then tells me something about himself.

He thinks I’m at uni and asks what I study, I’m flattered although, he is mistaken (I’m only 17).

The book and receipt are in the bag, that means its time to go.

I say “Thanks” and mean it then walk away with a smile on my face.


XO lmg


Daily Snippets: Ok I admit it…

I won’t deny that I’m a bit of a prude,

but don’t call me one as I’ll think it rather rude.

Certain things I will not say in public places,

for fear of the looks on strangers faces.

XO lmg


p.s: So when I call myself a prude I just mean in the sense that I don’t feel comfortable talking about things pertaining to sex or nudity in public places e.g. in class or on the bus.

I’m the kind of person that’s quite shy about it all and I do feel like its not very presentable, when your out in public and anyone can hear you.


A little bit of a catch up…

So for the past month or so I seem to be inadvertently blogging on and off which is really frustrating for me as that was never my intention when I created this blog.

I think sometimes I just find it hard to balance: college, homework, my social life, volunteering, relaxing and blogging along with all the other things I like to spend my time doing.

Anyway, life’s been pretty good over the past few days but today was particularly a good one. Over the past month or so I have been getting to know a male acquaintance, I guess I’d probably say we were friends now. He is such a nice person and I really enjoy spending time with him. I actually did a daily snippets post about him called: I like him because.

I just re-remembered that this is my first post in December and its not even slightly Christmas related, I few probably do a few fun Christmas posts (hopefully). I’m also planning to do a post on how I’m feeling about Christmas this year- If you wanna know more stay tuned!

Anyway that’s it for now, thanks for reading 🙂

XO lmg


Snippets of the month: November

November has been a pretty good month for me. I feel like lots of things I’ve been worrying about are all going well for me. This post is going to be pretty long so I’ll just get on with it…

So first up at the start of the month I started volunteering again at the charity shop I volunteered at over the summer. One of the days I saw the most beautiful vintage shirt ever and it was ‘Christian Dior’ I really want it, in a major way.


I got nominated for The Versatile Blogger award I was both surprised and grateful!

I finally started wearing a coat and as I live in England and it was getting to the point where I couldn’t go out without a coat and not feel cold. Over the next week I’ll try and do a post on my winter coats which hopefully you’ll like 🙂


So here are just a few outfits I wore this month, I originally intended to post my outfits regularly but I often don’t get round to snapping pics of what I’m wearing, sorry!

wpid-IMG_20131126_214557-1.jpgWhen it’s cold outside or I’m not feeling too great I get the urge to dress all in black. In this outfit I layered a really cool semi-sheer patterned tank top over what I was wearing and tucked it  into my trousers.

wpid-IMG_20131125_094947.jpgSo the jacket and sweater are both from h&m. Its a really simple outfit which I wore with skinny jeans and it always gets me compliments.

wpid-lmg-pic-0330.jpgI wore this to college and afterwards I did some volunteering which is where I am at in the photo. The boots are like ‘builder style’ they so comfortable and I wear them all the time in the colder months.
wpid-IMG_20131129_075204.jpgI really love this outfit some people might be like ‘errr what were you thinking’ with the clashing prints of the top and sweater and then the studded vest over it, but its everything I love about it. The denim vest and striped sweater are from h&m and the top is from next.


Peaky Blinders– I really love this show. Its a historical drama series on a Birmingham gang called the Peaky Blinders. Cillian Murphy plays the main character Thomas Shelby and he always looks super handsome. You might be reading this thinking ‘BORING!’ but if you click on the word ‘Peaky Blinders’ you’ll get a link to the trailer and I guarantee you’ll be blown away!

Styled to Rock US- So last year their was actually a British version of this and I loved it oh so much. I’ve been long awaiting the US version and now that Its finally here I’m hooked! The show was created by Rhianna, basically each week the contestants have to design an outfit for  celeb… —> click here for the trailer

Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story- So I have already done a post on this so click this sentence for a link to that.


TLC- Unpretty

TLC- Creep

The O’jays- Use ta be my girl

Hope you enjoyed this months snippets, let me know your thoughts in the comments 🙂

XO lmg