March Round-up 2015

I would sum up March with the word progress.


In all aspects of my life I feel like I have made progress and it feels good. I haven’t gone from 1-100 which is what I used to try and do, instead I’ve learnt to take things slowly, step by step. I’ve had a few set backs but I’m handling them much better than I used to.

I’ve started exercising regularly, filling my mind with positivity and keeping busy.

I won’t go into too much detail as I have a separate post coming soon all about R&R.

XO lmg


Writers March: Week 4

I can’t believe its the final week for this theme!

I want to start by saying ‘Thank you!’ to everyone who has supported Writers March by reading, liking, commenting and following. It honestly means so much to me.

I was kind of stuck for what to write for this weeks post, since its the finale I feel like it has to be AMAZING!

In the end I decided to share something old, that I wrote a few years ago, on the back of one of my notebooks. I decided to share this for the final week of Writers March because it sums up why I write.


“A book of words, rhymes, lyrics and quotes,

Expressed feelings and emotions.

Don’t hold it all inside,

Let it out and make it something beautiful.”

XO lmg



Writers March: Week 3

Hello and welcome to week 3 .

For this week I decided to get a little romantic. I wanted to switch things up and try sharing something different from the past 2 weeks.

I decided to write about a friend of mine that I love spending time with.

I hope for their to be a day,

that you will take my hand and say;

Sweet words like that you love me so

and that you’ll never let me go.

At first glance you didn’t compare to perfection

But getting to know you increased my affection.

We have things in common that I’ve never shared before,

the feeling that I get from you is one I can’t ignore.

Sadly in reality all we have is here and now,

soon is the end, final curtain call, I curtsey, you bow.

However I’ve been friends with this guy for around 6 months and over that time I’ve become quite fond of him and I think he’s fantastic.

I’m happy with the way this weeks piece has turned out so much so, that I want to share it with someone. Who knows maybe I’ll be brave and decide to make a semi-romantic declaration and share it with the guy that inspired the piece!

Moving on, what did you think of this weeks piece?

Love it/Hate it?

Let me know.


XO lmg

Writers March: Week 2

Welcome to week 2!

I usually write something everyday but for the past week I haven’t really done any writing.

I think the reason for this was that I was stressed which resulted in lack of sleep which resulted in extreme exhaustion.

Moving on, this morning I woke up and the sun was shining and it made me feel happy and energised. But most importantly it gave me some inspiration and I remembered a line I wrote from a while back.

‘What effect does the weather have on you?’

I wrote that on a day like today, when the sun was shining bright and I was in a good mood.

I instantly turned on my laptop and got typing, here’s what I came up with:

Don’t judge a book by its cover,

A phrase I know is true.

Yet I still find that I judge automatically,

Let my mind run wild and free,

Creating the character I think they would be.

This weeks piece is about someone in one of my classes at college. From the moment I met this person I judged them negatively and I’ve now realised how wrong I was. Particularly just a few days ago in class we got talking and I was surprised by this persons character. I found that they were ambitious, hard-working, friendly and actually a really nice person.

So what are your thoughts on this weeks post, can you relate?

Thanks for reading!

XO lmg

Writers March: Week 1

Hello and welcome to week 1 of ‘Writers March’.

I’ve been thinking all week ‘what should I write about?’

I knew I wanted to write about something personal but I also didn’t want to make it like the kind of thing I write in my journal-as that’s just TMI!

This week I learnt a lot about the people I call my friends, I also learnt a lot about myself which I will be sharing in a life snippets post.

But for now I want to share with you what I wrote this morning.

Friends are just people like us,

With imperfections and perfections,

Not for us to change or control but for us to accept.

If you find that that’s too hard,

That all you see are imperfections,

That’s ok, that’s life.

Sometimes it only takes reflection to clear your blurred vision,

Now you see things as they are.

This piece was inspired me having some friendship troubles. 

I really like the last 2 lines because I think they sort of sum up what I wanted the piece as a whole.

I’m quite pleased with it as a and even though this week has been a little rough, I feel as though something good has come out of it.

So what did you think?

Let me know your thoughts.

XO lmg

Life Snippets: March’s Theme

Writing has been a big part of my life. I’ve kept a journal for the past 7/8 years.

When life’s been difficult for me, I didn’t know who to talk to or when I felt like I had no-one my journal felt like the most important thing to me.

I went through a time in secondary school for a few years when I was very down and unhappy. I always felt like there was no one who would really understand.

At the time I thought I needed someone but instead I found solace in putting pen to paper. Writing was my outlet.

Being 17 now, its almost scary when I look back on the things I wrote remembering the way I used to feel.

Writers March

That is the theme for this month. Each week I’m going to write a piece and share it with you. It might be a poem, lyrics or just a story- sky’s the limit.

If you liked this post I hope you’ll be back next week for ‘Writers March: Week 1’.

XO lmg

Life Snippets: March’s theme???


You may or may not know that for 2014 I decided that each month would have a theme which I post about weekly.

So far I have done:

-Vegetarian January

-Expressive February

As February is almost up, the past couple of days I have been thinking of what March’s theme will be.

It was only a few hours ago that the idea hit me and I am beyond excited and even more so to share it with you.

I think this theme will give me a chance to post stuff I don’t usually post and maybe give you the chance to get to know more about me.

All will be revealed in 2 days so LOOK OUT!!!

XO lmg