The power of “little victories”


This particular outfit almost didn’t make the blog because the sun messed it up. However after some editing it turned out alright.

The cardigan is from h&m for just £7.99 which is awesome, it’s really light and the length of it is perfect. The cami and jeans are old essentials that make up some of my best outfits. What I like about this outfit is that I looked good and felt confident. Never underestimate the power of the right clothing combination.

These past few days I’ve been trying to reconnect with some of my old college friends as since we all finished last summer I have been pretty distant. As I’ve mentioned here and there over the past couple of months, last year my mental health was in terrible condition. I spent a lot of time alone because I didn’t really want people to see me as I was.

Anyway the point is that things are very different now and I feel a happiness I don’t think I’ve ever felt before. I laugh every single day and I’m so grateful. Each day is full of little victories and I am the best I have ever been.

Jimi x


Things for spring+summer



Just a few things I got on some of my recent shopping trips.

The black shorts were £4 from Primark as part of there workout range, however I didn’t get them for exercise instead I plan  to wear them under short dresses in the summer.

The skirt was on sale for £5 in h&m as I was browsing through the print caught my eye.

Lastly the cropped cami for £1.99 also from h&m which I plan to wear with skirts and under sheer tops.


XO lmg

Not one for a windy day!


I wore this outfit on a day when the sun wasn’t out much so I added an oversized shirt. The skirt I’m wearing is from h&m and I quite like it but let me tell you it is not one for a windy day, it blows right up!


This is the first outfit post where I haven’t cropped my face off the image. I didn’t really know what to do with my face but I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually.


I got this bag last summer and it’s from American Eagle, it’s nice but the type of bag made for carrying any more than the essentials. I really liked this outfit and the shirt is one of my favourite items of clothing as it can be worn all year round.


XO lmg


A black dress



This picture didn’t quite work out but…

Anyway I got this dress from h&m on sale for £7. Its nothing too fancy just a black dress with some lace along the bottom and along the neckline. I guess I’d say it’s slip dress inspired.

I’m not totally sure how I’m going to style this at the moment. I’ll probably to a style inspiration post in the next week to give me some ideas.


XO lmg


Recent Buys: New shoes, new shoes


Hello I’m here with another ‘Recent Buys’ post and this time its shoes!


These shoes are cut out ballerina (that’s what the site calls them), from the brand Graceland, I got them from Deichmann for £17.99. When I walked into Deichmann I was instantly drawn to them. I’ve worn them once so far and that outfit will be up next week.


The second pair of shoes are just some basic trainers from h&m which I got on sale for £7.  My all black converse are mashed basically so I needed a new pair of trainers temporarily until I can afford some decent ones that will last.

If you have a haul or shoe related post you’d like me to see, leave a comment with the link.


XO lmg


Basic with a belt


This dress is one of those h&m basics, I got it a while back in a size Small. The problem I have with this dress is that it’s massive, without a belt, it is nothing more than a shapeless sack.


That being said I do still quite like the dress, it’s very light so perfect for summer and adding a belt gives it shape. Also as the dress is so basic you can add lots of accessories without overdoing it.


XO lmg

Sunshine + simplicity


Hello, so here is the outfit I wore yesterday, when I went out to the library to study. The weather was lovely, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.


I decided to wear a very simple dark blue cotton dress with a floral bomber jacket, both from h&m. What I like about the dress is the style of it, knee length and elasticated at the waist but not in a way that is uncomfortable. I also wore a grey rucksack and all black converse.


Lately, I have been getting distracted by everything: blogging, YouTube, Twitter, Reign and Orange is the new black (I’m half way through the first season!), when what I ought to be doing is studying. I have 12 days till my last exam and then I’ll be free to do ‘Whatever the hell I want!’


XO lmg