Pollyanna is always a winner

2 days ago I began my day getting ready for work and for no particular reason I wasn’t in the best mood. All of a sudden I had this epiphany: ‘I can take control of how my day turns out. I can be like Pollyana and make today a good day’.

It probably sounds silly but I just kept reminding myself to have a good day. The strange thing was not only did that positive thought become a reality but the day also. got better and better.

Not long before I finished work my friend that I work with got a call from a college friend (who I also know) and tells me a few of them are meeting him after work. I ended up going too because I always have fun hanging out with the guys.

Instead of names i’ll give the guys numbers.

1 is the guy that I work with and he is kind and super chilled.

2 is they guy I don’t know too much but I know he is a good friend.

3 is a guy I’ve known since primary school (over 10 years), who always makes me laugh and I totally adore him.

So me and 1 left work, met 2 and 3 then they started talking about the other guy we were meeting with.

4, who I last spoke to over 6 months ago and things were pretty awkward for me. However prior to this I considered him a great friend and someone that I trusted more than most.

After finding out 4 was going to be there I was tempted to go home because the thought of seeing him was terrifying.

That’s when my morning epiphany came back to me and also the phrase ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ and then I just knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity to do something that scared me a little.

So we all went to meet 4 and everything was fine, in fact it went amazingly well.

We were just hanging out listening to music and the one song that I’d never heard before stuck in my mind: Can’t stop by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Everytime I hear that song it will take me back to March 21st which turned  out to be a pretty special day.

That day I realised that ‘Pollyanna is always a winner’.

I also realised that ‘Situation is just that, it has no special power, to do you harm, it’s your actions that count’. Well actually that’s a Funkadelic lyric but March 21st gave was an example that showed me it is true.


XO lmg




February Round-up 2015

I didn’t blog much last month but February was a great.

I started working as a waitress temporarily and so far I quite like it. I get to spend my day working alongside some rad people and the customers are great too.

I’ve been listening to The Jezabels a whole lot and realised that they are my all time favourite band.

I wrote a blog post called ‘Turning a page’ and I am so pleased with how it turned out, proud that I got to a point where I was able to share it and happy with the comments people left.

In the second half of February my journal became filled with happiness. I’m really enjoying writing about all the positivity in my life and when I look back on it I’ll smile.


I did quite a lot of shopping last month and got this amazing dress along with a whole bunch of other really nice pieces that I cannot wait to style.

Over the past couple weeks I have seen so many old friends from school and college, people that I don’t even keep in contact with. It was really nice (and also totally random) seeing these people because I haven’t seen them since last summer.

That’s all for the past month, I will be getting back to regular posting (slowly but surely) and I have a tonne of rad stuff to share.

I can’t wait!

XO lmg

Thanks for giving me something to write about


Whether you made me laugh, smile, cry, think or feel hurt. I want to say thank you because without all of you I’m not so sure what I’d have been writing about for all these years.

I’m honestly don’t know how some people would feel if I told them I’ve written about them on my blog. Some of the people I’ve written about don’t even know I have a blog, so I think they would be pretty surprised.

I like to think of the pieces I write as creative writing, me expressing my emotions on situations in my life. Some of the things I always do are: never use peoples names, make it more about emotions than specific events and lastly I never write to be cruel or bitch about people.

XO lmg




The last day



So this is what I wore for my last day of college, its pretty simple but it did get me some compliments 😀

Also even though I’ve had my last official day at college, I still have to go in for exams. I have 6 left!

I hadn’t really made any plans in advance, as I didn’t really know who I wanted to spend my last day with or what I wanted to do.

As college was over and we were all heading out, I began to feel kind of sad, the end of college means the start of change. I’m not very good at embracing change, despite my best efforts, I often find myself looking back on the way things used to be.

In a few weeks I’ll be 18, in a few months many of my friends will be off to University in different cities all over England and I currently have no solid life plan.

Anyway, as I walked out  I was actually going to go home but then I went to say goodbye to a couple of friends who I’ve known for over 10 years. It’s so weird to think that I’ve known them for more than half my life.

Then I ended up going for lunch with a group of friends then to see ‘X-men: Days of Future Past’, in the evening. The movie was amazing by the way, so if you’ve been thinking about seeing it, go for it as you wont be disappointed.

I’m the kind of person that puts a lot of stress/significance on little things like ‘my last day at college’, so it was imperative to me that the day turned out amazingly.

The day didn’t turn out anything like how I thought it would though, it was so much better. Definitely a memorable day!

XO lmg


Aok May: Week 3

Welcome to week 3!

Yesterday was my last official day at college, although I do still have to go in for exams. Over the past week I’ve been thinking a lot about college, all the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made over the past 2 years.

I got thinking about all of the nice things these people have done for me. Even just over the past week, (or maybe even just 24 hours?) I’ve been dealt more acts of kindness than I can count on both hands.

I guess I’d say the message for this week is to be grateful for things that others do for us whether its a stranger, a relative or someone in between.

I think its important to appreciate the kindness that we receive from others because its easy to take the little things for granted that are just part of daily life.


XO lmg

Writers March: Week 3

Hello and welcome to week 3 .

For this week I decided to get a little romantic. I wanted to switch things up and try sharing something different from the past 2 weeks.

I decided to write about a friend of mine that I love spending time with.

I hope for their to be a day,

that you will take my hand and say;

Sweet words like that you love me so

and that you’ll never let me go.

At first glance you didn’t compare to perfection

But getting to know you increased my affection.

We have things in common that I’ve never shared before,

the feeling that I get from you is one I can’t ignore.

Sadly in reality all we have is here and now,

soon is the end, final curtain call, I curtsey, you bow.

However I’ve been friends with this guy for around 6 months and over that time I’ve become quite fond of him and I think he’s fantastic.

I’m happy with the way this weeks piece has turned out so much so, that I want to share it with someone. Who knows maybe I’ll be brave and decide to make a semi-romantic declaration and share it with the guy that inspired the piece!

Moving on, what did you think of this weeks piece?

Love it/Hate it?

Let me know.


XO lmg

Life Snippets: Lessons Learnt

I decided to be reflective and note some of the lessons I’ve learnt over the past week.

  • Just because others don’t share your point of view it doesn’t mean your feelings aren’t justifiable.
  • Dismissing your feelings to avoid confrontation may seem easier initially but when you end up harbouring negativity, it’s not so good.
  • If you put the same amount of effort into the subjects that you find most difficult as you do into the ones you like, greatness is possible.
  • Sometimes life will be spontaneous, but you can’t control it, you just have to roll with it.
  • Going to sleep in a bad mood is not good for you and should be avoided at all costs.

And that’s it!

Hope your Monday has been a good one, mine was was filled with laughter 🙂


XO lmg