Do what you can

“Dream big because you can”

That is my message to you this fine Sunday. Its not always easy to remain in high spirits when your goals feel unattainable. But that shouldn’t stop you dreaming big because where ever you end up won’t be possible without the dreams you create for yourself.

So let’s all dream BIG and be fantastic!!!

Who’s with me…


XO lmg





What do you want to be? part3

Hello 🙂

Before I get started I just want to apologise for not posting this yesterday. By the time I’d gotten home, made my dinner, did chores and homework I was really tired and didn’t get round to blogging.

Here are the links to part1 and part2.


The thought of being 18 and out in the big wide world is scary but also exciting.

Sometimes I sit and think about my future: my career, my friends, my experiences, my boyfriend, where I’ll live…

When I began typing up my answer to the question ‘What do you want to be?’ I only planned to write a sentence or two but as I got typing my brain started whizzing with thoughts and I wanted to share them with you.

So after all this I still haven’t reached a specific answer.

I want to be a pioneer, an innovator, inspiration and HAPPY (I know its kind of cheesy but I haven’t mentioned it at all which is pretty surprising).

And that is what I want to be,what can I say I’m a clueless 17 year old with big dreams, high hopes and millions of thoughts to share…


XO lmg