A little less predictable



Its been quite a while since I last wore this denim vest. Last week I was heading out in the early evening and ended up wearing all black so I added the denim vest to make the outfit a little more interesting. I thought it looked quite cool buttoned up as it made the outfit a little less predictable.


On my feet I wore these trainers from the brand Cushe,they are actually walking shoes which I got a few years ago and didn’t like at all. However I quite like them now, as they are super comfortable, perfect for casual days when I know I’m going to be walking around a lot.


XO lmg



Freaks bearing gifts


Last night I went out with some of my oldest friends and I had a great time. I always used to think that night life meant I had to dress up in a tight mini dress and ridiculous heels which is just not for me. I dressed pretty casual because I wanted to ensure that by the end of the night I was comfortable, not tugging at the hemline of my mini-skirt.


The only downside to my night would be the intoxicated males that wander the streets saying things that allow me to deem them grotty creeps, honestly. As a wise man of  funk once wrote “Beware of freaks bearing gifts”.


Even though I’m 18, I still feel like a child and sometimes it feels weird being out at night in places where you have to be of age. I’ve only been out a hand full of times as my birthday was less than 2 months ago and so far there has been a lot for me to write about. Or maybe I just find significance in the insignificant.


XO lmg


p.s. I was going to call this post ‘Lady of the night’ until I realised what it meant!

Any other way


Sometimes I find myself in situations where I wish things would have turned out any other way. I feel like each time this happens it’s a reminder to me that I don’t have as much control over things as I think  I do and also that I’m not always to blame.

However, on the flip-side, there are situations where things turn out so good that I wouldn’t want them any other way. For example crop tops and high-waisted jeans.


I wore high waisted jeans, a crop top and a floral+paisley shirt. I had my patent loafers on my feet with my little red bag at my side.


I wore this outfit to the market to buy fresh fruit for my smoothies because its so much cheaper than the super markets. I went to the city centre with my dad in the afternoon and the market was still pretty busy but unlike when I was younger I kind of liked the atmosphere.


XO lmg




Rebel with a cause


Sometimes it feels like I spend more time trying to please other people instead of truly being myself but the day I wore this outfit I was in a “I will defy you” type of mood. Anyway when I put this outfit together I initially thought it was great, however looking back at the photos it looks rather boy-ish but I don’t really mind.


The jeans are ones I had tailored and they are a little baggy but I rolled them up at the bottom, the shirt is from a charity shop and the crop top is from h&m and it only cost £3.99.


For accessories I chose a gold necklace and my little red bag. My choice of footwear was a fairly new pair of shoes shown in Saturdays Recent Buys post.

Lastly I did post yesterday called I’m lmg! and I’d like you to read it (only if you want to of-course but I’d really really appreciate it).


XO lmg


Something new


I wore this outfit last week when I went to meet up with my best friend for lunch and shopping. I had a great day and we had loads to catch up on as it’s been a while since we last hung out.


I’ve wanted to try mom jeans for a while and last week I purchased this pair for £13 from Primark. This outfit is a little experimental from my usual style but I think its good to try new things.


I paired the mom jeans with a black crop top from New Look, an indigo coloured coat from h&m and a brown side bag from Next. I painted my nails blue which unintentionally matched my outfit but I have been loving blue nails lately.


XO lmg

Lover of lace


There was a time when I wouldn’t have worn this outfit, just the mere thought of it would have made me wince. I’d have worried that my stomach wasn’t flat enough, my thighs were too big and I would walk around with constant fear of what other people thought of the way I was dressed.

I feel like as I’ve gotten older,  I’m more confident with the way I dress. It’s actually a really great feeling because now I’m not as restricted with what I wear and I can be more experimental.


I must admit that these shorts have definitely grown on me. I still think they are super short and I doubt I’ll ever wear them without tights or leggings, but I must admit that I like them a lot.

I paired the shorts with black leggings a black crop top and my lace tee. I feel like the high neckline of the lace tee provides some modesty even though you can see right through it, but I would have felt naked without it.

I really liked this outfit and felt comfortable wearing it.  I threw on a navy oversized shirt just in case I got a little cold or I felt like covering up!

XO lmg


A “cool” coat


So these pictures didn’t quite turn out as I had envisioned they would as there isn’t much variation- oops! Anyway yes I am back wearing those shorts again! I’m actually thinking of unpicking the stitches and rolling them down so the in-seam will be a grand total of 2 inches 🙂


With the shorts I decided to wear a baggy black tee and black leggings. Over the top I wore a grey patterned coat which I got from my sister. It was the first time I wore it and I really like it, it’s a little over-sized and I think the style of it is very cool!


XO lmg