Shows I’m watching this month

Celebrity Big Brother

So this one is a little shameful but I cant lie to you I like watching big brother! I’ll admit that its not an amazing show and I don’t particularly love it but I do like seeing the way people interact with each other.



Single Ladies

Ever since I saw the first episode of this show I’ve loved it season 3 started on Monday and it got off to a great start I cant wait for episode 2!



The Tomorrow People

My reason for watching this show is Robbie Amell- he is pretty HOT! But I’ve seen the trailer and it looks really really good (and so does Robbie).




😦 I have to wait until January 28th for Degrassi to start back again- Nooooooooooo! Today I watched a promo clip that got me excited I’m really looking forward to the upcoming story lines especially between Clare and Drew.


I’d love to know what you’re watching this month, let me know in the comments 🙂


XO lmg


TV Shows of 2013


Dance Academy


The Carrie Diaries

Peaky Blinders

California Dreams

Styled to Rock


Breaking Point

Preachers Daughters

Some Girls

Bomb Girls



I’ve probably missed out a vital show but I cant think of it right now…


XO lmg

Shows I’ve been watching lately

So I feel like lately my blogging hasn’t been at its best (SORRY!). I’ve been quite busy with college work and just life in general  really but I have also been watching some shows. I like watching shows when I just want to chill out or whilst I’m doing my textiles work. So below are all the shows I have been watching lately.

Tia and Tamera- season 3

Made in Chelsea- seasons 5+6

Home and Away

Degrassi- season 6

Peaky Blinders- season 1

Let me know in the comments what you have been watching lately and feel free to suggest any shows for me!

XO lmg

New beginnings

So as this is my first post on my new blog I thought I would let you know a little bit about me.

1. I’m currently studying my A-Levels and in just over 1 week I will be starting A2 my second and final year. I am very nervous.

2. I’m quite shy around people I’m not totally comfortable around but other wise I am really chatty.

3. I’m very friendly and love getting to know new people.

4. My favourite TV show is Degrassi, I started watching it about 3 or 4 years ago and I haven’t stopped since. It has definitely changed a lot over time but I still think its a great show with relate-able characters.

5. I recently read Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens. I truly love the book lots and lots, from reading it I think that Dickens is such a great writer. The characters in the book are so fascinating and the story evokes emotion. My favourite character would have to be Nicholas Nickleby, he’s the protagonist that will do anything to protect anyone he cares about.

6. I live in England and have done my whole life.

7. Music is a big part of who I am I listen to it daily. I don’t listen to the radio much because I listen to many musical genres: soul, hip-hop and indie-rock. Some people I like listening to are TLC, The Drifters, Smokey Robinson and FranKo.

8. I started my first journal/diary in December 2006 when I was 10. I still keep one to this day and I have 9 in total.

9. I’m a writer, not a famous one but a writer all the same. What I mean by that is that I love writing and have done ever since I was little. I have a book full of poems, lyrics and quotes, its probably one of my most prized possessions.

10. I think I’m quite a creative person and I’ve always loved art and textiles at school. I am currently doing A-level Textiles. For me it has always been about self expression and I love that you can create something amazing out of what can appear to be nothing.


So I hope you enjoyed reading this, feel free to like, comment and follow!

Hope your Sunday has been a great one,

XO lmg