Why I started blogging daily

Up until July 2014 I didn’t have a blogging schedule, I just fitted it in where I could. I never planned ahead and often found that when I had free time and logged onto WordPress I couldn’t think of what to post.

I follow llymlrs, Seth Godin and Black on black gorg who all blog daily (pretty much). I admired how they managed to come up with something new every day and still maintain great content.

I didn’t ever think it would be something I could do myself though until I read something on Seth Godins blog. Reading his blog posts make me feel motivated and inspired to work hard and challenge myself. I recommend his blog to anyone interested in marketing or if you just want a really cool blog to read.

So when I finished college I decided that I would try out blogging daily for myself in July. It isn’t as difficult as I envisioned it would be and I enjoy it so much that I haven’t stopped since.



XO lmg



I’ve re-made an Instagram account

I had an instagram account and then I deleted it.

A few days ago I re-made an account which I’ll be posting on daily. It won’t be just what you see on my blog in case that’s what you were thinking.

I currently have 1 follower which I think is quite funny…

…for now.


My name on instagram is lmg_brown

I also have twitter so you can also follow me @lmg_SotL

Click the links above to see my profiles and if you are new to my blog, feel free to leave your links and social media details in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

XO lmg

Daily Snippets: 2 guys in one week!

If your thinking what I  know you might be thinking get your mind out the gutter!

Basically this week 2 of my guy friends shared something quite personal with me.

I wont tell you what they said but it made me really happy that they could confide in me and made me realise that I can also confide in them.

It’s been a great week!


XO lmg


Daily Snippets: Ok I admit it…

I won’t deny that I’m a bit of a prude,

but don’t call me one as I’ll think it rather rude.

Certain things I will not say in public places,

for fear of the looks on strangers faces.

XO lmg


p.s: So when I call myself a prude I just mean in the sense that I don’t feel comfortable talking about things pertaining to sex or nudity in public places e.g. in class or on the bus.

I’m the kind of person that’s quite shy about it all and I do feel like its not very presentable, when your out in public and anyone can hear you.