New Dresses

Last week I went shopping with my Mum and sister which was fun and my mum treated me to 2 new dresses!wpid-collage_20140822204311023.jpg

The first dress I got is not to my usual taste and I still haven’t decided if I really like it. I do like the floral  pattern but I feel like maybe it’s a little too much for me. wpid-collage_20140822203943636.jpgI love this dress so much its not to my usual taste either but I think my style is changing with age. I love the geometric pattern, the colours are nice and simple but what I also like is the curved hem. It didn’t come with the belt but I think this is definitely how I’ll be wearing it.


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Closet Inspiration

So I’m currently in the process of organising my wardrobe for the spring and summer,which means packing up my winter clothes for storage and taking out my summer dresses and some other bits and pieces.

It got me thinking about my ideal wardrobe. I’ve always liked the idea of having a dressing room full of all my clothes shoes and accessories with a full length mirror.


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Bromeliad: Closet inspiration - organizing shoes and purses - Fashion and home decor DIY and inspiration

Concepts in wardrobe design. Storage ideas, hardware for wardrobes, sliding wardrobe doors, modern wardrobes, traditional armoires and walk-in wardrobes. Closet design and dressing room ideas.


So these are just a few closets that I like which I found via Pinterest, the perfect site for creative inspiration!

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Her trash is my treasure!

One of the things I love about having 2 older sisters is I don’t have to spend so much money on new clothes because I get there old ones. A lot of the things I get from them tend to be things I wouldn’t buy for myself (but still like) because we all have quite different senses of style.

Anyway a couple of days ago my mom tells me my sister has a bag full of clothes she doesn’t want anymore, I looked through and picked out some things to keep.

wpid-IMG_20140301_124238-1.jpgFirst up this dress which I really like and I think it fitted me nicely. I really like the detailing with the black strips as I think it gives the impression of structure.

wpid-IMG_20140301_124415-1.jpgNext this cotton top which definitely isn’t something I would have ever bought myself but I decided to keep it as I think it will be interesting to see how I end up styling it.

wpid-IMG_20140301_124813-1.jpgLastly, a black wrap skirt. When I saw it my first thought was no way is my sister throwing this out so I actually took it back to her to make sure. Turns out she really didn’t want it which meant it was mine (YAY!). I think it’s such a nice piece and I can’t wait to wear it.

Thanks for reading,

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Cocoon Coats

So I already have many winter coats but lately I have been lusting after a cocoon coat. They are just so chic and effortlessly sophisticated (I’m in love with them!).

Unfortunately, being an unemployed student aged 17 means that my budget only stretches as far as essentials 😦

But I’ll keep dreaming…


Hope you find this interesting, feel free to leave a comment letting me know your favourite style of coat for this winter.

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Snippets of the month: October

I cant believe October is over already, time flies!

Hope your October has been great, here is what I’ve been up to:

lmg-pic-0221Taking a walk in my everyday autumn/winter boots

lmg-pic-0227When I get the time I like to make my nails look interesting.

lmg-pic-0278My new necklace from Dorothy Perkins it was £10 but they had it on sale  so it only cost me £3! (BARGAIN)

 lmg-pic-0279I decided to buy an MUA nail varnish it cost £1 and the colour is called Plum Noir, its a really lovely dark berry colour. I wouldn’t  claim it as amazing quality but for what it cost I was pleased.


lmg-pic-0280This top hasn’t come out so great in the picture but I got it from a charity shop, not sure if I’ll actually wear it but at the time I thought it was an interesting piece.

lmg-pic-0281So I got this from h&m for £7 on sale, its original  price was £24.99 so I’m really pleased.

lmg-pic-0283Stud detailing on the shoulders which I love.

lmg-pic-0289My niece created this from my grapefruit peelings, she’s so creative!

lmg-pic-0293_e1 I wore this outfit this week for my friends birthday the skirt is from h&m and the crop top is from new look. This week alone 3 of my friends are having birthday celebrations as they turn 18 so it’s quite a busy week for me



TLC- Unpretty

Funkadelic- Standing on the verge of getting it on


So that’s all for this month, its been a great one and I have a feeling November will be even better!


XO lmg

A/W 2013: My Essentials

So this is not necessarily what’s on trend, this is just a long list of things I need (or want) to purchase for A/W 2013. I mentioned a couple of posts ago I would do a A/W wishlist type thing so here it is:

Chunky Cardigans, I’m thinking are Ox-blood or a berry hue.

Long socks. I think they look great styled above, over tights with ankle boots.

A maxi skirt with a slit. I would wear it with lace tights and chunky ankle boots. The colour I would go for would be black as it goes with everything and I love the colour.

Long sleeved patterned shirts.  Yep I know the image above is short sleeved but I chose it more for the print. I’ll probably look in the menswear section for shirts or maybe charity shops.

Shorts. These ones I’m in love with. I like that they aren’t hot pants because I’m quite body conscious. When it comes to shorts I don’t like them: super short, with frayed hems or saggy pockets!

A faux fur gilet (vest). I remember when I was about 10 or 11 I had a grey faux fur vest and I loved it. I think they look so stylish and chic.

I have an obsession with ankle boots. I really want a pair like the ones above black leather and quite chunky. I think I would prefer buckles to laces though (I still can’t tie my laces the adult way!).

Last but by no means least, a denim vest. I think they are great so versatile and they look great layered over chunky sweater when its cold and tank tops in the warmer seasons.

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment and let me know your thoughts!

XO lmg