I’m not her


This time last year I was a completely different person. I think it was a case of just not knowing myself very well, not having the confidence to be myself or a combination of the 2. This outfit is something I would have worn last year when I was at college.

It’s funny how an outfit can just take you back. The jacket is very old and when I was at college I wore it all the time and now that that period of time is over I don’t really want the jacket any more.

Also apologies for the faces I’m pulling especially in the second photo, ha ha!

Jimi x


The window to my soul


The past week has been filled with ups, downs. From post-work margaritas with a colleague to bursting into tears over excessive stress, anxiety and lack of sleep to a 1st birthday and making plans with a friend I haven’t seen for way too long.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a photo, that represents me excellently because yesterday at work I was reminded of this habit I have of sometimes not looking people in the eye. I feel uncomfortable making eye-contact because I feel like my eyes give away how I’m feeling and sometimes I don’t want people to know. Also my eyes are the window to my soul and not every Tom, Dick and Harry is getting that privilege!

Jimi x

The cause of conformity



Lately I haven’t been very inspired when it comes to putting outfits together. I have put on a little weight recently and I guess I’d say I kinda feel chubbier (even the word sounds gross) and a whole lot more self-conscious.

I was thinking the other day how my outfits are becoming less fun which I’d put down to a combination of winter, laziness and conformity. However the weather is getting warmer which means I can start taking out all my bright spring/summer clothes and I for one cannot wait.

Anyway I actually quite like how this photo turned out although perhaps this jumper and dress combo accentuates my broad shoulders ‘pah-ha-ha’.


XO lmg


Lazy days



Lately I haven’t been able to make time to do longer written posts that I have planned but I’m working on my time management so they should be up soon. I currently don’t have any particular posting schedule. I did make one but I ended up not really sticking to it. Once I sort myself out I’m going to post 5 times a week or daily if I want a bigger challenge.

Today’s outfit is just a simple one for a lazy day, blue jeans and a green cable knit sweater. My little red bag is a nice contrast with the jumper and fits all my essentials.


XO lmg

Nothing more



On chilly winter mornings, when I don’t want to leave my bed but have to, I dress for comfort, warmth and nothing more.

Lately I’ve ditched the black jeans in favour these blue ones which I have been wearing pretty much all the time. Under my blue coat- which if your a regular reader of my blog have probably seem many times before- I wore my grey sweater, I don’t particularly like it much but it keeps me warm. Lastly my scarf which I’d like to think ‘ties the whole look together’ but I guess that’s debatable.


XO lmg

Making it casual


Over the past few days I have been sorting through my wardrobe, putting away the summer pieces and putting in the pieces for the colder weather. Whilst doing that I found this waistcoat (along with a bunch of other items) that I had totally forgotten about. I’m not really sure why the waistcoat wasn’t in the main section of my wardrobe as it’s something you can wear all year round.

I wore the waistcoat with black jeans and a polo/turtle/roll neck top. I haven’t worn a formal waistcoat for a really long time but I like being able to take a formal piece and style it in a casual everyday outfit.


XO lmg

Freaks bearing gifts


Last night I went out with some of my oldest friends and I had a great time. I always used to think that night life meant I had to dress up in a tight mini dress and ridiculous heels which is just not for me. I dressed pretty casual because I wanted to ensure that by the end of the night I was comfortable, not tugging at the hemline of my mini-skirt.


The only downside to my night would be the intoxicated males that wander the streets saying things that allow me to deem them grotty creeps, honestly. As a wise man of  funk once wrote “Beware of freaks bearing gifts”.


Even though I’m 18, I still feel like a child and sometimes it feels weird being out at night in places where you have to be of age. I’ve only been out a hand full of times as my birthday was less than 2 months ago and so far there has been a lot for me to write about. Or maybe I just find significance in the insignificant.


XO lmg


p.s. I was going to call this post ‘Lady of the night’ until I realised what it meant!