Feeling the blues, it goes on

Over the past week I’ve been feeling the blues. Up until yesterday I was extremely worried and stressed. It happens to me all the time so I’m used to it but it’s difficult sometimes.

I’ll often have a few consecutive days of stress and worry then suddenly I’ll have some sort of revelation whilst doing something I always do like listening to The Jezabels. It was once words from the song Beat to Beat:

“All of my things that I don’t want,

all of the things that I don’t need,

are weighing me down,

are weighing me down,

but it goes on”

Just hearing those lines changed my state of mind. I had been carrying a mental burden that was weighing me down by affecting me physically. Those words reminded me that it goes on, life is always changing. It’s impossible for me to avoid things that will get me down but more often than not these things aren’t as big a deal as they seem so I just have to keep going.

Yesterday I spent the day in Cardiff, it was only when I got home that I realised I’d forgotten all about my worries from the past week. Its surprising what a change of scenery can do to a persons state of mind.

Anyway I’m now feeling refreshed, energised and full of positivity.

On a lighter note, last week I reached 400 followers on the blog so “Thank you very much!”

I really appreciate all the support especially as I’m becoming a more confident blogger, it all feels great.

Hope your Sunday has been RAD!

Jimi x


A promise to myself

Maybe it’s because the sun is shining but I’m feeling pretty optimistic. I want to work hard and go after the things in life that I daydream about.
It’s pretty easy to say what you want but going after it is challenging and scary. Maybe that’s why people settle, they want a life that is comfortable with low risk.

I’ve known quite a few people who want that from life. It’s easy to just go through the motions of life without stopping to really think about what you want.
I’ve always hated the idea of settling but it’s hard sometimes to have the continuous motivation and self belief to push myself as much as I should and really see how far I can go.

I remember almost 3 years ago, when I got my GCSE grades. Despite getting mostly Bs, a couple As and an A*, I wasn’t pleased. I had never challenged myself enough because I knew that I would still get by with decent grades.
With my blog I make posting schedules but never stick to them and I write down all these ideas but take months to turn them into posts. I guess I’d say I do enough to keep my blog afloat but I’m not challenging myself which is why I want to be doing 5 posts every week.

Over the years I’ve realised that I’ve been limiting myself in all aspects of my life and the result of that has been missing out on many great opportunities.

It’s a terrible feeing to have when you realise that you are the one thing standing in your own way. I’ve come to realise that unless I learn to push myself I will never truly be happy.

So I’m making a promise to myself, not to settle but to go after what I want in life, to be a hard worker, dream chaser and to know that I am capable of greatness.

Then one day I’ll be able to say that I know what it truly means to live.

Jimi x

Sometimes I forget but I’m trying to remember

I began blogging (in 2011) with the sole intention of sharing my interests online. I was never and probably never will fit a specific niche. I enjoyed sharing my words and pictures full of hope and excitement when my latest post got 2 likes.

Then I began to discover other bloggers who were much better writers with expensive cameras whilst I was using the 1.3mp camera on my phone. I think seeing how great a blog can be made me want to make my own even better. At the same time though, it was also a little disheartening because in it made me realise that my blog was kinda terrible.

When I began blogging in 2011 I knew nothing about it, I just blogged for something interesting to do. I think I was partly enticed by the fact that I was sharing things with strangers who had no idea who I was as I didn’t disclose my name or face.

When I created this 2nd blog last year I hoped that it would be a success and thrive into greatness. I’d read so many blogging tips hoping that they would be the key to making my blog better. One tip I’ve read many times is that you have to fit a niche. So I thought “Hey since I like posting outfits why don’t I become a style blogger”. I changed my theme and category names and did my best to refrain from posting non-style/fashion related posts.

I failed spectacularly at that which was actually a good thing. As great as it is for  bloggers to share tips sometimes it just seems like a bunch of people declaring “You gotta do it like this”.

Over the past 6 months my blog has improved so much. It’s down to my hard work and also being inspired by great people.

Right now I’m declaring CHANGE! I wanted to evoke a heck of a lot more than just compliments on my appearance like “I love your outfit! xx ” from my readers. I’ve always wanted so much more than that.

My blog is for those intrigued by life, people with so many thoughts they don’t know what to do, those that like to wander amongst nature and are dumbfounded at it’s beauty. My blog is a place of creativity and self-expression, if that’s what you like then I think my blog is for you!


XO lmg

Blogging in the A/W

wpid-img_20140902_084202-1.jpgWhen the days aren’t so bright it gets pretty difficult for me to be able to take decent photos for my blog. I take my photo’s inside using my phone so the quality of the image depends on how much light is coming through my bedroom window.

This works out fine in the S/S but nowadays its a bit of  a struggle. Sometimes when I’m heading out its not bright enough and then when I come back its already gone dark. I live in England and these days it’s getting dark by 4pm.

I guess all this really means is that I have to work a little harder and do my best to take advantage of the few bright hours in the day. Lately I haven’t been able to post as many outfit photos as I would like and there have been some awesome outfits you guys have missed out on.

In a couple of months I’m hoping to invest in a camera and tripod (nothing too fancy) as it would mean I can take better quality photos and also I’d be able to take photos outside.



XO lmg

The book that got me blogging


I read this book many moons ago, it was the book that opened my eyes to the world of blogging. Prior to reading this book I don’t think I even really knew what a blog was.

One of the characters in the book called Edie had a blog and I thought whoa that’s so cool. The idea of having a place online where I could share whatever I wanted for the whole world to see was amazing. That is how I began blogging.

I often wonder if I would have ever become a blogger had I not read this book and if I didn’t blog “What would I do?”.

I guess I could say this book changed my life, which is pretty cool.


XO lmg


Not a career but a concept…

Today has been a pretty good day for me, nothing major happened but I’ve been in a pretty great mood. I’ve been feeling quite inspired in a sort of “I can do anything” and be a kick-ass go-getter type mood.

I planned to do a fashion post today but decided I would just write instead and it feels great. Apart from my Sunday posts I feel like I don’t just write quite enough. I found a bunch of new blogs today and the posts I read were really interesting and only  further fuelled my inspired state of mind.

As much as I love reading style/fashion blogs lately I feel like my interest in them is drifting slightly or maybe I’ve just developed an interest in other blog topics too. The blogs I found today were of people taking gap years. I’m also sort of on a gap year myself but I haven’t really been up to much. I’m not totally sure what I want my career to be because I’m interested in lots of things and it is difficult to choose one because what ever I choose is for the next 50 years of my life  and that feels like a lot of pressure. It is something I’ve never really found easy to talk about especially during college being surrounded by people who know exactly what they want to be in the future: Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and Nurses.

I’ve never truly had a future career in mind its always been more of a concept “help people, be creative and do something that matters”.

I haven’t done a post like this in a very long time but I’ve quite enjoyed it (and I hope you did too).


XO lmg



Organisation and new ideas

This is how I get things done as a blogger.

Writing things down

I think one of the best tips for blogging would be to write down ideas.

I have 2 note books that I use for blogging.

The first one is a diary with a section for each day where I write down what I’ll be posting each day. This helps me stay organised because whenever I go to work on a blog post I already have written down what I need to do.

The next book is one where I write down ideas for posts. This is really helpful for me because I post quite a lot.

wpid-img_20140930_170201.jpg —

Doing things in advance

Something that I like to do is schedule posts. I don’t do it all the time but I find it really helpful for when I know I’m going to be busy. Also even if I don’t schedule a post I’ll often half-plan a few posts  so that when I’m ready to post I can just go to the drafts section and choose.

Another super great idea that kind of follows on from that would be to take photos in advance. When I take my outfit photos its nothing fancy just in my bedroom in front of the window. For me its pretty easy to take photos for a bunch of outfits all in the same day if I’m not busy.


Inspiration and ideas

I like to come up with ideas when I’m washing-up. I have a set of things that I post regularly  so new ideas isn’t always a major issue. I have started planning 2 series that I’ll start posting in November, I haven’t started either of them yet though so I best get to it!

When it comes to outfits however I never want to just be posting the same old, same old. Over the past week or so I’ve been looking at books that show the main trends and styles of past decades. I’m thinking of doing an 80’s Power dressing inspired outfit soon.


This is the last post of my October themed posts but incase you missed the others:

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XO lmg