November round-up

Happy December 1st!

I don’t have an advent calender this year but I really wanted one of the beauty ones but I don’t have like £60 to spend on something I don’t need so…

Anyway I thought I would begin by doing a summary of the previous month.


I much prefer reading to watching tv shows or movies and have done since I was little. To be honest though for the 2 years I was at college I didn’t read many books at all,maybe about 5 or 6. A couple of the books I read last month were: The A-List family, Undiscovered gyrl and Sparkle. I’ve also been reading history books about Birmingham which I really love doing. Most of the books I read I get from my local library which is just a short walk away from my house.


This is the name of a blog I have really enjoyed reading this month. It is written by these 2 guys called Steven and Leroy, they give awesome advice (they really are helpful). When I read their blog posts I’ve really been able to relate to things they’ve written.

Seeking opportunity

I may have the opportunity to do something really cool next year which I’m excited about. It’s one of those once in a life-time opportunities that will change me forever (perhaps that’s slightly dramatic).

Changing my url

Towards the end of last month I began to come up with changes I wanted to make. The biggest one is my blog url but I’m unsure of all the implications. I want to change it to lmg+life and I’ve already came up with what I want the header to look like.

Stephi Lareine

This is another blog I really like. She posts outfits and beauty mostly but she recently did a post worth reading: Blogging and advertising: Are you getting the truth? 

Disco biscuit love

An amazing song by The Jezabels who make amazing songs. Listening to this song always puts me in a good mood

Heidie Makes

So another blogger who may already know about but she posts about a variety of things: beauty, fashion, recipes, fitness and more. She did a weekly series in November called Healthy November and I really enjoyed reading it. Also she takes amazing pictures so you should definitely take a look at her blog.

Mushroom magic

The name of the last nail polish I bought. It is from Poundlands new make-up range (which has surprisingly gotten decent reviews, minus the mascara). I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and I really like the colour (its like dark brown with a hint of purple).

The Lineup

This is the name of my current favourite youtube channel. Its by 2 girls Julia and Maya,they post mostly fashion videos but other stuff too. They have amazing style and the editing is great too.


XO lmg


Fun for the eyes

I’ve always liked coloured eyeliner ever since I was 12/13 and started wearing metallic blue eyeliner to school every single day. I feel like coloured eyeliner is a lot more fun compared to black or brown. However I will admit that nowadays I wear a dark brown pretty much all the time.


I still love coloured eyeliner though, it adds a pop of colour to a simple makeup look and it is undeniably fun (in my opinion anyway).

wpid-collage_20141002174840831.jpgFrom top to bottom:

2true- Aubergine

Rimmel London- 220 Perfect plum

MUA- Royal Blue

Helen E- Aqua


XO lmg



My everyday face



A few weeks ago I was reading a blog post on The Beauty Linguist and it was a how much is my face worth tag and she tagged me to do it which was really nice of her.

However I wasn’t sure whether or not to do it because I don’t really wear much makeup but in the end I decided to give it a go.


 So I begin with Carmex on my lips which costs about £2.


I then go on to apply liquid eyeliner, I use Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner which costs £2.99. I apply it just as it looks on the piece of paper


Then to do my brows I use the Collection Eyebrow kit which costs £3.99 and comes with 3 brow powders a double ended brush for application and a clear brow mascara to set your brows in place. I use the darkest powder to fill my brows then the lightest shade to highlight my brow bone, if I can be bothered. I also use the darkest shade for the outer 1/3 of my bottom lash line.


Then lastly a Rimmel lipstick called Starry Eyed which costs £4.99, I mostly tend to just dab it on as I don’t want the colour on my lips to be too strong.

All together that comes to just under £14

Lastly I apologize for not adding a picture at the end, I did have one but then I had to remove it from the post because I looked…

…not so fantastic!

Thanks for reading


XO lmg



Going for gold

wpid-img_20140715_095419.jpg wpid-img_20140715_095402.jpg

Its been a while since I wore gold nail varnish but Collection Going for gold really caught my eye. Its got a bit of a bronze tone to it that I liked and it cost £1.99.

I really love colour but you do need 3 coats for it to be fully opaque but you could get away with 2. However 2 coats would not give ‘maximum colour intensity’ (as the bottle claims), in my opinion. It didn’t chip for a couple of days but I didn’t use a top coat.

Overall,  in comparison to the other collection nail varnishes that I mentioned in Saturdays post, I actually really liked this one and would definitely recommend it.


XO lmg

Nails: Blue and silver



I’ve been loving blue nails quite a lot, this summer. I added some detail in silver as I think the 2 colours looked good together. The colours I used are both from the brand Collection.

The lighter one is Sonic Blue and the darker one is Deep blue sea. I wasn’t impressed with them because the lid says ‘Apply 2 coats for maximum intensity.’ but I found that particularly with Sonic Blue even after 3 coats they weren’t fully opaque. At the price of £1.99 each, they’re pretty decent but I wouldn’t recommend them.

If you like this post I did a nail art one on Monday as well, also I haven’t been posting as much outfits lately but I did post one on Thursday so feel free to check it out.


XO lmg