The window to my soul


The past week has been filled with ups, downs. From post-work margaritas with a colleague to bursting into tears over excessive stress, anxiety and lack of sleep to a 1st birthday and making plans with a friend I haven’t seen for way too long.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a photo, that represents me excellently because yesterday at work I was reminded of this habit I have of sometimes not looking people in the eye. I feel uncomfortable making eye-contact because I feel like my eyes give away how I’m feeling and sometimes I don’t want people to know. Also my eyes are the window to my soul and not every Tom, Dick and Harry is getting that privilege!

Jimi x


The book that was relateable

wpid-img_20141119_201803.jpgThe reason I like this book so much is because it is non-fiction. It is actually the authors diary from when she was a teenager.

It’s based at the beginning of the 90’s when Rae is in her 2nd year of a-levels and exams are approaching. It was only this year that I was at college preparing for my a-level exams so and I could really relate to lots of what went on in the book.

The main character Rae has Anxiety and OCD which are both quite well known mental health conditions. Having anxiety myself it was nice to read about someone else my age who also has it.

The amazing thing about this book is that its real and it may have happened over 20 years ago but I guess that just shows that life hasn’t changed that much.

There is another book before this one called My Mad Fat Diary and they created a tv series on it and recently I found out they will be making a season 3 which I am beyond excited about.

Anyway this is definitely a book that I would recommend for everyone to read. Or if reading isn’t your thing then watch the tv series because that is also amazing and it made me laugh and cry.


XO lmg




I’m lmg!



Heyyy ūüôā

I love sharing things about my life on my blog but the one thing I’ve never shared is my face. or my name.¬†The reason for this is because I worried (way too much) about what people would think.

So, my name is Gemela (pronounced ja-meh-la) but you know me as lmg.


I am truly proud of my blog but I’m sometimes¬†a little insecure.

Anyway a few weeks ago I turned 18 and I realised that I’ve come a long way since I first started blogging a couple years ago.

On my blog I’m completely honest but in real life I do hold back alot because I’m a worrier . I never want my anxieties and fears to be the reason I limit myself and as Charles Kingsley said/wrote:

“Life is too short for mean anxieties”


Also since I’ve had this blog for over 10 months, I thought perhaps I ought to show my face. I thought some of the regulars may have wondered what I look like.

Perhaps it could be said I made it into a bigger thing than it was. However I still want to thank all the people that have ever read my blog, it means so much to me that I can share snippetsofthislife (SotL) with you.

Wise words by Beryl Pfizer

If I spent as much time

doing the things I worry

about getting done

as I do worrying about them,

I wouldn’t have anything

to worry about.


This is an example of why I love quotes.¬†I feel like this quote was made for me, I worry about everything all the time. I’m going to attempt to try out being a do-er rather then a worrier which will be difficult but it would make my life a tonne easier.

XO lmg

The winter finale

lmg-pic-0073_e1Friday was the last day of college before the Christmas holidays/Winter break. Above is the outfit I wore, the skirt and scarf are from h&m and the jumper from Primark. 

It took me ages to decide on this because I wanted to look really nice and make a lasting impression because their are lots of people who wont see me until next year.

The only bad thing about the day was that I put so much stress on it because I wanted it to be perfect that I actually gave myself an anxiety attack. I’ve realised that I put too much pressure on myself and situations as I want things to be a certain way and sometimes (quite often actually) it has negative effects.

College was good though, it was nice to see everyone, especially friends or acquaintances that I’m not social with outside of college and just talk about holiday plans and I just felt really happy and cheery.

After college I made plans to meet up with my best friend to go shopping and catch up, which was so much fun because I haven’t seen her for a while and she’s one of the few people I can totally be myself around without worrying about being judged.

Anyway thanks for reading ūüôā


XO lmg