Songs of 2013

Below is a list of some songs that I’ve been obsessed with this year. There were times this year when any one of these songs I could have listened to on repeat all day. I think the ones I was most obsessed with would be: one nation under a groove, body party, every little step, lucky and please don’t go.

Christina Millan ft Ja Rule- Get Away

Ciara- Body Party

Bobby Brown- Every little step

Chris Brown- Fine china

Funkadelic- Standing on the verge of getting it on

Lorde- Royals

Rizzle Kicks- Young and hot

The Supremes and The Four Tops- Everyday people

TGT- Please don’t go

TGT- Burn out

Shalamar- A night to remember

Funkadelic- One nation under a groove

The Emotions- Best of my love

Ciara- Promise

Tich- Dumb

FranKo- Lucky

FranKo- Vienna

Ice Cube- Check yo self

Lorde- The love club

Kool and the gang- Fresh

Sam Cooke- Twistin’ the night away


So that’s not all the songs I’ve obsessed over this year, but I didn’t want to bombard you with too much. I’d love it if you could take a listen to just one song and maybe even leave a comment if you like!


XO lmg


Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC story

So I watched this movie almost a week and thought it was so amazing I had to do a blog post on it.


Here is a picture of the main cast: Lil Mama as Lisa ”Left-Eye Lopez, Keke Palmer as Rozonda ”Chilli” Thomas and Drew Sidora as Tionne ”T-boz” Watkins. 

Part of the reason I watched this is because I’m a TLC fan and the film featured some of my favourite songs by them:



No Scrubs


TLC in the film

The real members

I totally recommend you watch it if you haven’t already seen it. There is so much more to it then just music it shows you what was going on in their lives at the time. Click here for a link to the trailer

If you still don’t want to watch it after seeing the trailer, at least listen one of the songs and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

XO lmg

A/W 2013: My Essentials

So this is not necessarily what’s on trend, this is just a long list of things I need (or want) to purchase for A/W 2013. I mentioned a couple of posts ago I would do a A/W wishlist type thing so here it is:

Chunky Cardigans, I’m thinking are Ox-blood or a berry hue.

Long socks. I think they look great styled above, over tights with ankle boots.

A maxi skirt with a slit. I would wear it with lace tights and chunky ankle boots. The colour I would go for would be black as it goes with everything and I love the colour.

Long sleeved patterned shirts.  Yep I know the image above is short sleeved but I chose it more for the print. I’ll probably look in the menswear section for shirts or maybe charity shops.

Shorts. These ones I’m in love with. I like that they aren’t hot pants because I’m quite body conscious. When it comes to shorts I don’t like them: super short, with frayed hems or saggy pockets!

A faux fur gilet (vest). I remember when I was about 10 or 11 I had a grey faux fur vest and I loved it. I think they look so stylish and chic.

I have an obsession with ankle boots. I really want a pair like the ones above black leather and quite chunky. I think I would prefer buckles to laces though (I still can’t tie my laces the adult way!).

Last but by no means least, a denim vest. I think they are great so versatile and they look great layered over chunky sweater when its cold and tank tops in the warmer seasons.

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment and let me know your thoughts!

XO lmg

Snippets of the month: September

So today is the last day of September and I have to say it has gone by pretty quickly. It’s been quite a good month for me in terms of friends and college, to be honest life in general has been pretty great.


TGT- Please don’t go

The Supremes and The Temptations- The impossible dream

ACDC- Back in black

Pebbles ft Babyface- Love makes things happen

Chris Brown- I get around







Errr Nothings happening in this department (sadly). For pretty much the whole of last year though I was into this one guy I called charming (because he was). Anyway its a long story that I’ll just cut short, basically he was totally perfect but he wasn’t really interested in me (as more than a friend) and I was super nice and friendly with him (I couldn’t help it) because I was totally and utterly attracted to him. I think I kinda miss talking to him

Ok moving on as I am supposed to be forgetting him (easier said than done as it is impossible to avoid him at college). There are other guys around that are good looking but no one that I’m majorly interested in.


I went to my first ever fashion show which was free at the Bullring, Birmingham. It was presented by Molly King, and The Saturdays performed a few songs at the end (minus Frankie’s as she’s pregnant). It was an amazing event and I hope to attend more fashion shows in the future (maybe even fashion week, one day…).

I’ve gotten to know my friends friends better. That’s been great because they are really friendly (as am I) and fun and easy to talk to. When It comes to being around a group of guys I don’t fancy I can totally be myself and not have to worry.


Preachers Daughters


The Carrie Diaries

Dance Academy

So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed it. It was rather long so I hope it wasn’t too much.

Let me know what you thought: like, comment and share.


XO lmg