Getting through 2nd year

So I haven’t posted in a while and I feel so terrible about it. I started this post a few days ago  and finally got round to completing it today. Basically its just advice I’m giving myself for my 2nd year of A-levels but I think it’s quite useful for anyone in still in education.

Begin as you mean to go on

Get into a routine early on in the year so that you don’t get stressed round exam season. For me that means going over my notes from the lesson at least every week.

Set realistic goals

I’m guilty of setting unrealistic goals, for example sometimes I think I will never be happy with my grades unless they are all As and A*s. I’m not saying you  shouldn’t aim high because you should but aiming too high often means your just setting yourself up for disappointment. So for my A-levels I’m aiming for BCC at least, which is attainable as long as I work hard and stay focused.

Positive mantras

For me they are just a way of staying motivated. When I’m feeling not so great or even just a little lazy I think of some wise words by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm’

Avoid making comparisons

In my 1st year maths class I used to compare myself to all the other guys in the class (there was only one other girl). I would make comparisons daily thinking that I must be so stupid because I wasn’t as smart as they were. So I think it’s important to focus on yourself and how you can do better for you.

Spend your frees wisely

So I have 4 frees every week and I spend them all hanging out with friends and having fun. What I should do is dedicate at least 1 of the frees to getting work done, that way I wont have as much to do at home.


I hope you found this post useful or at least a little interesting!


XO lmg


How my good day became not so good

So today was a pretty good day at college for me, up until the end of the day when I saw someone I hoped (unrealistically) to avoid for the whole  of second year.

As soon as I got home I just felt erugh, its difficult to explain but all I felt like doing was putting on comfy clothes, my pink fluffy socks and eating  cake (preferably chocolate my favourite). Which is exactly  what I did minus the cake as their was none at home, much to my dismay 😦

Seeing him again made me kind of sad.

The only good thing is that when I feel like this somehow I end up being able to write poetry (of the romantic variety).

You may think I’m super weird but yes, when I’m feeling sad I write poetry.

Right now I’m thinking something about a charming Gentleman and a beautiful Lady.


XO lmg