70’s Fashion inspiration

Seventeen, July 1971. ‘You know what’s you and what isn’t. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t sew in the first place.’ ~ Butterick

I WANT those pants...both. 1971 Anjelica Huston & friend.  photo by Bob Richardson for Vogue Paris

1970s Australian fashions for autumn.

I had a blouse like this and those fruit pins that were in fashion in the early 1970's !

1974 ~ I had an outfit almost exactly like the one on the left - right down to the shoes.  I LOVED those shoes.

1972. Marie Claire. Dressed in a Mohanjeet creation. Photo by Helmut Newton (B1920 - D2004)

70's Fashion. Varga is high quality, affordable vintage inspired fashion for women. Shop cute & sexy dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms & shoes at www.VargaStore.com

1974 fashion (combo body, short torso long leg, short leg long torso)

1970s floral skirts and matching tops | The Australian Women's Weekly, 23 October 1974

Jane Birkin in 1971. Lanvin geometric print ensemble.

Images via Pinterest

I am loving the 70’s trend at the moment. Not that I’ve jumped on the bandwagon but just because I like clothes. I was browsing through Pinterest looking at outfits from the 70’s and thought I ought to share some of the things I came across.

So, what do you think of the 70’s trend revival?

Jimi x


2 thoughts on “70’s Fashion inspiration

  1. I absolutely love the trends shown in pictures 5, 7, and 8. I love the short skirt with high socks trend because although the skirt is short the over the knee socks help out! I can’t wait to get a pair myself. I also love the tucked into the solid skirt look. Thanks for sharing!

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