Turning a page


Towards the end of last summer I started feeling unwell. I spent a lot of days in bed crying. I felt sad about how certain things in my life had turned out but also angry at myself. I would wake up in the morning and count the hours until I could be asleep again because the days became unbearable. I felt like I had no control over anything, completely hopeless and that I was stuck inside this dark place with no escape.

I was struggling so badly that I did something I’ve never really done before. I asked for help.

Fast forward 5 months later and I ย feel the best I have felt in a really long time. It is only from having a great day from start to finish that I realised how far I have come since September. I don’t feel like I’m stuck any more and I’m starting to feel like I can cope with life.ย I’ve turned a page and started a new chapter in my life.

I wanted to share this because one of the hardest things for me was feeling like I was alone and that I was the only one going through this. Something that really helped me was reading online about other people who had gone through/were going through similar things to me. It felt like an invisible hand was being extended out to me.

If you can relate to this post then think of it as me extending my hand out to you and if you want to chat then snippetsofthislife2@gmail.com is my email or you can just leave a comment.

That’s all for now,


XO lmg



16 thoughts on “Turning a page

  1. I’m glad you asked for help. So many others have not been able to do that. So be proud of that fact. Also be proud of the fact that you wanted more than what you were going through. To be happy and out of a negative state of mind.I can totally relate to this as well.

    Keep at it! It’s great to see that you want to pay it forward by talking to others about it and helping them cope through the rocky times. If I could use one word to sum it up, it would be, awesomeness! Wishing you all the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you for sharing this! It was really strong of you to ask for help, most people wouldn’t dare to. I’m also glad that you are feeling so much better ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wish you all the best! x

  3. That is so strong of you to actually feel better and see some hope again. And even more to share this. Very powerful post and kinda emotional (for me) as well.

    Life is really what you make of it and never ever be afraid to ask for help!
    But remember you are the one that deserves to be happy (with yourself). Be your own damn good company. And as far as I can read you are on the right path. But it doesn’t matter if you got sight tracked. You have the right attitude and it’s okay to feel down. At least you’re feeling.

    Thanks for sharing this with a lot of people. That asks for great courage to open up like that.

    You’re not alone in this.


    • Thank you for taking the time to write me such a lovely comment. Whilst I was going through the worst of it all I could have never imagined blogging about it. However doing so has helped me realise that its okay to talk about depression and mental health, it doesn’t have to be this big, scary secret.
      Thank you so much! Xx

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