January Round-up 2015

Happy 1st February!!

Last month was interesting. I feel like I’m on a mystical journey in my life right now and that I’m kind of on the brink of something unknown. So here are some things from January:


13/01/05 was the exact date. Thank you so much, to all of you!

Being featured on StyleHoney

Just over a week ago I received a lovely email from a member of the co-founding team of StyleHoney Life. It’s a fashion site where they ‘summarise and uniquely aggregate the best in fashion from across the web’ so of course I was honoured. I was featured in the this weeks blogs section so check it out.


Discovering the root of a problem

Yesterday I was in my Kitchen making fried dumplings and I had an actual revelation. Something just clicked in my  mind as I was thinking about life and I realised the cause of all the problems I’ve been having for years. My problems spanned from the way I view myself but I’ll share more about it in another post, maybe.

I bought a baby Nikon

I’ve wanted a camera for about 5 years and finally I decided I would but myself one. It is actually like the most basic point and shoot but it’s perfect for me.


If you’ve seen the show Fashion Bloggers then you’ll have already heard of this AMAZING fashion blog. I love her outfits, writing style and she posts daily which is always a bonus. Click here to check out her blog.

 Hippie Hippie Shake

A book by Richard Neville about his life from the 60’s. Neville was the editor of the counter-culture magazine Oz which began in Sydney then he moved to London and started it there. I’ve never read anything like it and even though I haven’t finished it yet I would recommend it. I love history and this book satisfies my curiosity to learn more about the way people used to live. The people in the book were part of the hippie movement but it was more than just a fashion trend, it was a lifestyle, it was about politics and non-conformity to mainstream society. I think it’s all amazing!


Lets all make a vow to make February awesome!

XO lmg


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