2015: Living ‘Beyond the box’

So I ‘ll begin by saying ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!’

I spent my new years eve out with some of my oldest friends and I had a great night, minus the part where some guy spilt the majority of his pint on my legs and boots.

Towards the end of last year I wrote 3 words on a piece of paper, drew a box around them, tore around it then stuck it on my wall.

Every time I’m sat at my desk, I look up and see those 3 words and my mind starts thinking about what they mean.

The 3 words were ‘Beyond the box’.

Here is a little piece from my journal:

‘In life there are opportunities to do things outside of your box, your comfort zone and everything that you know. Each time you do it’s like sticking a push pin beyond your box. The more you do things outside of your comfort zone (the box), the more likely that become part of it and your box expands. The idea is to live your life doing things beyond the box as much as you can. It can be small or big, it doesn’t matter.

Everything beyond the box is unknown territory or the things you are too scared to do. You just need a little courage.’


XO lmg



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