Nothing more



On chilly winter mornings, when I don’t want to leave my bed but have to, I dress for comfort, warmth and nothing more.

Lately I’ve ditched the black jeans in favour these blue ones which I have been wearing pretty much all the time. Under my blue coat- which if your a regular reader of my blog have probably seem many times before- I wore my grey sweater, I don’t particularly like it much but it keeps me warm. Lastly my scarf which I’d like to think ‘ties the whole look together’ but I guess that’s debatable.


XO lmg


Man on the street


It was about a week or so ago that I was out shopping fully consumed by my stresses and worries. As I was leaving the super market, a man (aged 30 at most) on the street looked up at me, he didn’t look particularly sad or happy.

I had this urge to start a conversation with him but I didn’t really know what to say. I walked over to him, fumbled in my pocket for change to add to his collection, said ‘Have a nice day’ and that was it.

As I walked away I wondered if I should have said something else instead, given him more money or even bought him food.

It’s just over a week later and I’m still thinking about the man on the street. I wonder what has/will become of him. I know he is not alone but yet he seemed so significant.


XO lmg

Blazer and red



I absolutely love this little red bag, best £4 I ever spent! It goes perfectly well with so many of my outfits; it’s so light filled with just the essentials in comparison to when I carry larger bags that sometimes literally weigh me down.

This outfit was one that I didn’t really think about but I chose to wear my super smart blazer (even though it was just a casual day out) because I love being able to dress down smarter pieces.

I’ve never worn this particular blazer for a formal occasion before and I probably never will.


XO lmg

2015 Trends: Fringe




Images via Pinterest

I’ve never been a big fringe fan but apparently it’s on trend this year. That being said I feel like it is a trend I might try in 2015 because I’ve only ever had 1 fringe item and that was 7 years ago.

I think I’d quite like a bag as it is not as dramatic as jacket or a skirt. Earrings (like the ones above) are also great because they are pretty subtle and probably more versatile than a yellow jacket.


XO lmg



My winter scarf



I think it is nice to have staple pieces to get you through the season for me it has been this scarf. I bought it towards the end of last year from Primark for £5 and I have been pleasantly surprised.

I have been wearing it all the time which you will soon see in upcoming outfit posts and it really does keep me warm (gotta love synthetics!).  The colours on the scarf go really well with a minimalist palette of black, blue and grey but also with shades of red.


XO lmg

Things are changing and there’s nothing you can do

I’m sitting on my bed feeling reflective listening to Wonderwall by Oasis. I haven’t really listened to the lyrics of the song before but I like it very much.

The past week has been a little strange. A couple of days ago I had a conversation with someone about what I wanted to do with my life. It was unexpected and I was taken by surprise at this persons interest. It was one of those moments in life where you can feel things changing and this time I think it is for the better.

I don’t really feel comfortable talking about myself to other people (sometimes) believe it or not, I know it might be hard to believe since I do it all the time on my blog HA! Anyway I do this thing were I answer questions with ‘I don’t know’ which nearly always means ‘I don’t want to tell you’. Its a terrible habit but I’m working on being more open with people, maybe something good will come of it.

This year my life is going to change a lot, I’m not sure on the specifics but I just know it. I’ll be honest and tell you I’m a little bit terrified. I’m not really accustomed to the spontaneity of life, I struggle to let go and let life do its thing.

Keeping with the theme of change I’m in the process of changing things here on my blog too. I want a new name that is interesting and unusual, like me. I’ve come up with a few ideas so far but turns out they weren’t as original as I thought.

When it comes to change you can either drag your heels in resistance or accept there is nothing you can do and embrace life with open arms and a (potentially fake) smile on your face.

So here’s to letting go, embracing change and being as happy as we can possibly be. In the words of aqualung ‘Good times gonna come’, I can feel it in my bones!



XO lmg

Interior styling with Modani

Last month I was contacted by a member of the Modani furniture company regarding my interest in doing a blog post on them.

If you haven’t yet heard of them here is a little about them:

‘We are constantly embedded in the world of interior design to select the most trendy items, from the most renowned designers of the last 50 years to young artists’ new lifestyle concepts.’

‘In life, there’s the Trendsetters… and the followers. Have you ever wished your home looked like those modern mansions featured on TV, or one of those edgy hotel lobbies that catch your eye the minute you step a foot on their white marble tiles? Modani has made a goal to create lines of furniture that would be ultra modern, yet affordable to everyone.’

They wanted my take on styling a living room as a style/fashion blogger. It’s not my usual types of post but I thought it would be quite fun to do and it was.



I kept this pretty simple with the majority of it in black and silver, but chose the cushions for a pop of colour, against the black sofa, I also really like the pattern on it. I liked the structure of the vase and mirror and think that having a variety of textures whether in interiors or outfits is always a great idea.



My starting point for this look was grey-scale. I chose the grey corner sofa as a focal piece with it’s modern yet simplistic design. For accessories I chose a lamp with quite an unusual shape it looks more like a sculpture really but it works so well because everything else is so simple. I really liked these cushions because of the paisley pattern on them and I think grey on white is a good colour combo.



For this last look I started with the 2 patterned cushions in yellow and grey. The pattern on the cushions reminds me of the kind of thing I’d have done in textiles class and I think they looked perfect with the white sofa The rest of the pieces are in white and silver and I really like the way it all comes together. Its a very fresh and clean look which I like a lot, this is probably my favourite of the 3.

If you like any of these items or want to see more head to

Or check out the Modern sofa collection

Let me know which one is your favourite.


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