It’s just another day

T’was the night before Christmas…

There is so much hype around Christmas that it’s easy to forget that December 25th is just another day. I’m spending Christmas with my parents, sisters and nieces which will be fun.

I really hope it snows tomorrow but I doubt it will, it hasn’t been cold enough. Its such a beautiful thing though when it snows. I can imagine myself sitting at my window,looking out, thinking about life. Then all of a sudden the still image changes right before my eyes as snow begins to sprinkle down from the clouds.

I don’t really know what Christmas means to me. People say it’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ whilst others think its about spending time with loved ones.

All I can say is I’m grateful that every Christmas I’ve had has been spent with my family (parents, siblings, cousins, nieces and grandparents), eating a big meal and being given presents. I know that it’s not like that for everyone in the world and I don’t think I really understood or thought about it until now.

We live in the same world but we live very different lives.

I hope that on December 25th you have the chance to spend it doing something you care about.

XO lmg


3 thoughts on “It’s just another day

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