City girl

wpid-img_20141202_104451.jpg wpid-img_20141202_101035.jpg

Last week I went to this informal interview it was pretty much just a conversation. Anyway it was in the city centre and even though I’ve lived in the same city my whole life I had to ask like 7 people for directions.

In my defence the interview was on the business-y side of the city centre where companies have their offices and I rarely wander away from the main retail area. Luckily I managed to get there on time, pretty much.

I took these photos in the lift because I was alone and one whole side was a giant mirror (yippee!). The coat is from Topshop and I really like the design of it. I also wore a patterned top, grey scarf, black skirt, tights and Chelsea boots.

I was actually pretty cold in this outfit but I looked good so it doesn’t matter! Ha, I’m just so modest.


XO lmg


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