Sometimes I forget but I’m trying to remember

I began blogging (in 2011) with the sole intention of sharing my interests online. I was never and probably never will fit a specific niche. I enjoyed sharing my words and pictures full of hope and excitement when my latest post got 2 likes.

Then I began to discover other bloggers who were much better writers with expensive cameras whilst I was using the 1.3mp camera on my phone. I think seeing how great a blog can be made me want to make my own even better. At the same time though, it was also a little disheartening because in it made me realise that my blog was kinda terrible.

When I began blogging in 2011 I knew nothing about it, I just blogged for something interesting to do. I think I was partly enticed by the fact that I was sharing things with strangers who had no idea who I was as I didn’t disclose my name or face.

When I created this 2nd blog last year I hoped that it would be a success and thrive into greatness. I’d read so many blogging tips hoping that they would be the key to making my blog better. One tip I’ve read many times is that you have to fit a niche. So I thought “Hey since I like posting outfits why don’t I become a style blogger”. I changed my theme and category names and did my best to refrain from posting non-style/fashion related posts.

I failed spectacularly at that which was actually a good thing. As great as it is for  bloggers to share tips sometimes it just seems like a bunch of people declaring “You gotta do it like this”.

Over the past 6 months my blog has improved so much. It’s down to my hard work and also being inspired by great people.

Right now I’m declaring CHANGE! I wanted to evoke a heck of a lot more than just compliments on my appearance like “I love your outfit! xx ” from my readers. I’ve always wanted so much more than that.

My blog is for those intrigued by life, people with so many thoughts they don’t know what to do, those that like to wander amongst nature and are dumbfounded at it’s beauty. My blog is a place of creativity and self-expression, if that’s what you like then I think my blog is for you!


XO lmg


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