Take me to infinity

wpid-img_20141129_152027-1.jpg       wpid-img_20141129_150836-1.jpg

The other day I went to this mini planetarium with my little sister and it was pretty fun. It was all about the planets, stars, the universe and all that jazz. I’m really into all that kind of stuff, I just find it so interesting.

Anyway less Physics, more fashion. The pink skirt is probably my favourite skirt that I have but I haven’t worn it for such a long time because it is very short and kinda tight. I’m probably going to give it away but I feel like I need a new skirt to replace it before doing so.


The jumper is from Primark, it’s great for the winter weather as it actually keeps me pretty warm. For my outerwear I chose my denim shirt and just wore it open with the sleeves rolled up.


XO lmg


4 thoughts on “Take me to infinity

    • Ooh thanks Gemma, Fushia is one of my favourite colours to wear. It was my first time wearing this denim shirt but I can already tell it will be one of my most versatile pieces! xx

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