Blogging in the A/W

wpid-img_20140902_084202-1.jpgWhen the days aren’t so bright it gets pretty difficult for me to be able to take decent photos for my blog. I take my photo’s inside using my phone so the quality of the image depends on how much light is coming through my bedroom window.

This works out fine in the S/S but nowadays its a bit of  a struggle. Sometimes when I’m heading out its not bright enough and then when I come back its already gone dark. I live in England and these days it’s getting dark by 4pm.

I guess all this really means is that I have to work a little harder and do my best to take advantage of the few bright hours in the day. Lately I haven’t been able to post as many outfit photos as I would like and there have been some awesome outfits you guys have missed out on.

In a couple of months I’m hoping to invest in a camera and tripod (nothing too fancy) as it would mean I can take better quality photos and also I’d be able to take photos outside.



XO lmg


2 thoughts on “Blogging in the A/W

    • Its good to know I’m not the only one with this problem. I have no idea what camera to buy though as I know nothing about photography so I don’t want anything too difficult to use but then I don’t want to buy a really basic one and then wish I’d gotten something more advanced. xx

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