November round-up

Happy December 1st!

I don’t have an advent calender this year but I really wanted one of the beauty ones but I don’t have like £60 to spend on something I don’t need so…

Anyway I thought I would begin by doing a summary of the previous month.


I much prefer reading to watching tv shows or movies and have done since I was little. To be honest though for the 2 years I was at college I didn’t read many books at all,maybe about 5 or 6. A couple of the books I read last month were: The A-List family, Undiscovered gyrl and Sparkle. I’ve also been reading history books about Birmingham which I really love doing. Most of the books I read I get from my local library which is just a short walk away from my house.


This is the name of a blog I have really enjoyed reading this month. It is written by these 2 guys called Steven and Leroy, they give awesome advice (they really are helpful). When I read their blog posts I’ve really been able to relate to things they’ve written.

Seeking opportunity

I may have the opportunity to do something really cool next year which I’m excited about. It’s one of those once in a life-time opportunities that will change me forever (perhaps that’s slightly dramatic).

Changing my url

Towards the end of last month I began to come up with changes I wanted to make. The biggest one is my blog url but I’m unsure of all the implications. I want to change it to lmg+life and I’ve already came up with what I want the header to look like.

Stephi Lareine

This is another blog I really like. She posts outfits and beauty mostly but she recently did a post worth reading: Blogging and advertising: Are you getting the truth? 

Disco biscuit love

An amazing song by The Jezabels who make amazing songs. Listening to this song always puts me in a good mood

Heidie Makes

So another blogger who may already know about but she posts about a variety of things: beauty, fashion, recipes, fitness and more. She did a weekly series in November called Healthy November and I really enjoyed reading it. Also she takes amazing pictures so you should definitely take a look at her blog.

Mushroom magic

The name of the last nail polish I bought. It is from Poundlands new make-up range (which has surprisingly gotten decent reviews, minus the mascara). I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and I really like the colour (its like dark brown with a hint of purple).

The Lineup

This is the name of my current favourite youtube channel. Its by 2 girls Julia and Maya,they post mostly fashion videos but other stuff too. They have amazing style and the editing is great too.


XO lmg


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