2014: Becoming more me

I think the easiest way for me to sum up 2014 would be to split it into 2 parts.

The first 6 months were the last months at college and the beginning of summer. I think I was happiest in March+April as that was the time when I was having the most fun. Towards the end I was a little sad college was ending and highly stressed about projects and exams.


In the last 6 months I feel like I have become a different person that is living a completely different life so separate from the girl I once was. I have experienced some difficult things that have changed my perspective. I have learnt that being in education made it easy not to deal with other important things in my life. wpid-img_20140702_091914.jpg

That being said it hasn’t been all bad. I feel like I’m becoming more me which is a really good thing. I’ve been reading so much more, currently I’m reading ‘The adventures of Tom Sawyer’ and it’s great. I’ve also gotten back into writing and that is something that has always been important to me. The past few months have taught me a lot.


My biggest lesson of 2014 would have to be learning to be more open and more confident in all aspects: my feelings, opinions, the way I dress and the things I write about.


This year has been interesting but here’s to 2015!

XO lmg


My 2014 style: Playing dress up and experimenting

wpid-collage_20141216145352455.jpg wpid-img_20141129_152027-1.jpg wpid-img_20141202_104451.jpg wpid-img_20141119_115705-1.jpg wpid-img_20141118_093155-1.jpg wpid-img_20141118_092424-1.jpg wpid-img_20141118_091521-1.jpg wpid-collage_20141116081527489.jpg wpid-collage_20141116082702139.jpg wpid-collage_20141102092202294.jpg wpid-collage_20141102092924127.jpg wpid-collage_20141027155207885.jpg wpid-collage_20141010150235435.jpg wpid-collage_20141010142850993.jpg wpid-img_20140916_144227-1.jpg wpid-img_20140929_144936-1.jpg wpid-img_20140902_100855-1.jpg wpid-img_20140828_171615-2.jpg wpid-img_20140902_085053-1.jpg wpid-img_20140826_153803-1.jpg wpid-collage_20140822210709130.jpg wpid-collage_20140822203943636.jpg wpid-collage_20140812191710195.jpg wpid-collage_20140807193007005.jpg wpid-collage_20140807092140390.jpg wpid-collage_20140729212306597.jpg wpid-img_20140707_123807-1.jpg wpid-collage_20140726195046112.jpg IMG_20140319_090622-2 IMG_20140315_120920-1 wpid-img_20140712_174434.jpg wpid-collage_20140707164156183.jpg wpid-collage_20140704200835349.jpg wpid-collage_20140704195032295.jpg wpid-collage_20140701152834197.jpg wpid-collage_20140628084337842.jpg wpid-collage_20140624191321227.jpg wpid-collage_20140624124621971.jpg wpid-collage_20140624185221866.jpg wpid-collage_20140624191830448.jpg wpid-collage_20140624191157417.jpg wpid-collage_20140605170224523.jpg cropped-wpid-img_20140328_075537-1.jpg wpid-collage_20140523065505013.jpg wpid-collage_20140512205406766.jpg wpid-collage_20140512204419506.jpg wpid-collage_20140507211340372.jpg wpid-collage_20140507204347841.jpg wpid-collage_20140501134245981.jpg wpid-img_20140410_092754-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140328_075923-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140322_131214-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140317_100707-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140315_120452-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140321_074709-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140313_131833-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140310_095943-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140227_142624-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140221_114413-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140211_203516.jpg wpid-IMG_20140212_154750-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140205_101425.jpg

This year I decided I wanted to be a style blogger because I love clothes, dressing up and experimenting. From blogging my outfits I learned to make better use of what was in my wardrobe for fear of posting the same #ootd twice!

For me style is about self-expression and this year I wore outfits I wouldn’t have worn in the past. I used to worry about the way I dressed quite a lot because I didn’t have much confidence.

My style has always been very ‘here and there’ because I see it as dressing up. I have never wanted to look like everyone else because that isn’t fun. I can go from dressing in shades of grey to wearing a bunch of bright colours that clash.

I have bought quite a few new things recently  and I can’t wait to share the outfits in 2015.

See you on the flipside :-p


XO lmg

I’m not ungrateful, it’s just not exciting

It’s just another day was my last post where I shared my thoughts on Christmas and here is the verdict.

Let me begin by telling you that at 18, i think I’m too old for unwrapping presents.

Overall my Christmas didn’t have any special significance but it was good. I still live at home, have dinner with my family and see my neices and oldest sister regularly, so it wasn’t anything exciting.
That being said it was nice to just relax and talk with my oldest sister (who doesn’t live with me) and play with my nieces,I think that was probably my favourite part of the day.

When I was younger Christmas was just so much fun but it isn’t any more. I probably sound bitter or ungrateful but I’m really not. I just don’t share everyone else’s excitement.

Hopefully next year I can do something totally different for Christmas and hopefully at least 1 of my grandparents will be in England instead of Jamaica, I miss them.

XO lmg

It’s just another day

T’was the night before Christmas…

There is so much hype around Christmas that it’s easy to forget that December 25th is just another day. I’m spending Christmas with my parents, sisters and nieces which will be fun.

I really hope it snows tomorrow but I doubt it will, it hasn’t been cold enough. Its such a beautiful thing though when it snows. I can imagine myself sitting at my window,looking out, thinking about life. Then all of a sudden the still image changes right before my eyes as snow begins to sprinkle down from the clouds.

I don’t really know what Christmas means to me. People say it’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ whilst others think its about spending time with loved ones.

All I can say is I’m grateful that every Christmas I’ve had has been spent with my family (parents, siblings, cousins, nieces and grandparents), eating a big meal and being given presents. I know that it’s not like that for everyone in the world and I don’t think I really understood or thought about it until now.

We live in the same world but we live very different lives.

I hope that on December 25th you have the chance to spend it doing something you care about.

XO lmg

A day at the fair


Last week I went to a job fair and I was told to dress smart. However on arrival I felt slightly over dressed in comparison to everyone else. I got talking to this women who works for one of the companies that were there and she commented on how I was well presented which was great.

A few days ago it was frosty and honestly I think the winter weather may end up taking its toll on my style. As much as I love this coat it isn’t the best choice for winter, I find that the best looking ones never are. I think I need thicker tights, longer skirts or I could just sacrifice my warmth.

Penny for your thoughts?


XO lmg



Back in the swing

Hi, Everyone!

I haven’t posted in a week, I unfortunately managed to give myself a bit of a sleeping problem. I have been so stressed and exhausted lately that I thought it was better not to blog half-heartedly.

I always miss blogging when I take a break and this time was no different. As 2014 is coming to an end I thought I better get back in the swing before 2015 begins.

Lastly it is Christmas in 9 days! I’m not particularly excited but I adore the festive atmosphere. I haven’t done any festive posts yet but hopefully I’ll have a couple to share over the next few days.


XO lmg