The book that taught me a thing or two


I read this book just a couple months ago. When I saw it in the library what attracted me to it was the title but as the fact that it is based in the 70’s. I really enjoy watching shows,films or reading books based in past decades.

The main plot of this book is about a girl called Debbie Hargreaves who was adopted, is 18, has finished 6th form and moves to a new city to study Horticulture (I love that word!). She lives in a flat with 3 other girls who become her best friends.

What I like about reading books based in the past is that technology doesn’t play such a prominent role in their lives as it does today. In the book to make a call they have to go next door to their landlords house and they even send letters.

After reading it I learnt 2 things:

Firstly I learnt a learnt what horticulture is and also a little about it.

Secondly I learnt about a man called Capability (his real first name is actually Lancelot) Brown. He was and still is a super famous landscape architect with the same surname as me.

The reason I liked this book so much is because I have never read anything like it and I learnt things from it. It was gripping without being ridiculously dramatic and the characters were believable, it felt as though it could have been a true story.


XO lmg



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